KTR Schedule [31 May 2011 – 05 May 2011]

Kiss The Radio schedule for this week:

Monday,30th May 2011
Guests: Kim Wanseon & Jewelry

Tuesday, 31st May 2011 [BORA]
Guest DJ replacing Yesung: Key(Shinee)
Guests: Gilmi & Sanee

Wednesday, 1st June 2011 [BORA]
Guests: Na Yoonkwon & Soy

Thursday, 2nd June 2011 [BORA]
Guests: Nam Changhee, Jungmo(TRAX), Beige
Guest vocal: NS Yoonji

Friday, 3rd June 2011 [BORA]
Guests: Jang Jaein

Saturday, 4th May 2011
Guests: One more chance (1st hour)
[Super Concert(2nd hour)]
With Seo Youngeun

Sunday, 5th May 2011
Guests: No guests!

*Abstracted from Foreverasia

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