Birthday 2011

Received a card on the 7th Sept from Taiwan
Announcing my birthday would be here soon

Birthday this year is peaceful
I was working through it… …

A notice for meeting that starts 5pm had set me in panick mode for a while
Managed to get a colleague help me put meeting on for recording
And I left office promptly at 5pm

Perhaps work has been too tiring
I totally lost appetite for dinner
Dinner at Kenny Rogers were almost left untouched

Movie at night was long ahead planned
3DNA is like reminding me how crazy I was
Flying all over the globe for them
And reminded me how I used to get goosebumps just looking at their live

Things just aren’t the same anymore… …

I wonder its due to the 7 concerts I watched in total for DNA
That I can’t feel the goosebumps anymore

Had a good chat with friends I’ve known for a long long time after movie
Reached home to find this birthday card lying on my table arriving in time before the day ends
A Hong Kong friend sending her wishes from Taiwan
Another shot of sweetness~

I feel contented with the love flowing around me

3 birthday wishes this year:

No. 1 – Given to Toby in Hong Kong~ I wish her wish would come true
No. 2 – Those I love and those who love me be healthy and happy
No. 3 – Quietly wished upon the stairs in my heart ^_^

On a side note
Some people really should learn some manners in cinema
Stop treating a cinema or a concert like KTV!
If you’re so intent on singing, get a room!!!!!!!!!

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