Blur Klutz

It’s like a determination to make the trip work out
I’m searching high and low for flights and accomodation pricing
And as of yesterday
W’ve got accomodation, air tix and musical tix booked and paid for
Talk about speed!!!

Oh… And after the last article I wrote about losing my mind
Another incident happened the very next day

I was on my way home from work
Finally managed to get off the very very packed train
And realised I left my card holder on the train

I remained calm and searched my bag twice again
After confirming that the card holder is indeed not in my bag
I approached the SMRT train staff on the platform to alert that I lost my card

As the staff was dialing some phone numbers on his handphone to help me
I suddenly felt the card holder is in back pockets of my pants

You can’t imagine how embarrased I was
And I can’t believe how blur I was

This concludes my statement that I am SERIOUSLY losing my mind

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