Fan Girl in Dreams

I’ve been constantly dreaming of the boys since I came back from Seoul
So much so that I’ve lost count on the number of times

The nap yesterday was me talking to someone over the phone
I had a evilsmirk on my face, asking the person on the line to guess what I’m bringing to see the boys
I was holding a Sungmin lightstick instead of Yesung’s
Shit… My bias list seems to be shifting places?

The night last night was vivid and clear
I nearly mistook it for reality

I was at a concert hall, SS4 I presume
LeeTeuk was talking to the audiences
I waved hard and he took 2-3 steps forward to shake my hand while talking still

After a while, he re-appeared standing in front of my seat again
I pushed my personal organiser forward and he took it
He bent 90 degrees to sign on it, with a long message
While writing, a lot of pple were tugging his tuxedo from behind
He seemed frustrated at some point in time with the tugging

After the long long message, I extended my hands and we shook
It was sweaty palms but I didn’t know whether it was his or mine
Then the concert started and I returned to my seat (?) at row 4

I can’t believe I’m such a fan girl even in dream!

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