SS4 BKK – 18th March 2012

Trying to recall what happened weeks ago
My memory is already starting to fail me

Shan and I woke up for an early swim
It felt good to be swimming after so long
Breakfast at hotel lobby after that
We saw Yesung’s parents and Donghae’s mum eating there too

Left hotel for Chatuchak when it was still morning
Puppies there are soooooo cute
If only I could own one too
There wasn’t really much shopping done
We were hurrying ourselves through the market

Finally managed to find glutinous mango rice while combing through the streets
We hurried back to our hotel to eat and freshen up before our trip to concert venue
Bought tons of Maxim contact lens there since there were free Donghae posters given

We got into a fight with the security staff at the venue
Their body check was infuriating enough
I even had to open my wallet to show them what’s inside
They dug through my bag, took out my posters and cast them aside without a word
That was the final straw
I practically shouted at them

At least my posters were still there when I exit from the venue

The people queuing in front of us were more poor thing
They couldn’t even bring their mobile phone into the venue
Stupid concert organizer!

LeeTeuk fell during the concert
Shindong was pushing him backstage
Siwon turned and wet towels for him, murmuring 바보 twice
Finally LeeTeuk was pushed backstage to deal with his wound
He didn’t play piano or saxophone for his solo
Tears were welling up in his eyes
At the end of the concert, he couldn’t even walk with all the crying
Ah… heartache >.<

They sing “Marry You” impromptu towards the very end
I wish the concert would go on forever
I wish this wasn’t my last SS4

We went back to our hotel and left for massage
Bought KFC and instant noodles back to our room for supper

The blues of returning to work soon sets in
The blues of last SS4
Moody… …

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