SS4 BKK – 19th March 2012

We woke up early for a swim that morning
The boys aren’t coming for gym these days
It doesn’t really matter anyway
With or without them, we’d still be fully utilising the pool

Breakfast was truly surprising
Kyuhyun was there too having his breakfast
We presumed he just arrived, with the number of ELF surrounding the restaurant
He was zooming in and out filling up his plate in his possible fastest pace
I still remember him getting apple juice and ketchup
He ate in uber fast speed too!
At least we get our incentives for staying in the same hotel

We checked outta our hotel and left for Platinum Mall
Again not much shopping done
Lunch was yummilicious fake shark fins soup
We left for airport in the afternoon
Home sweet home at 10pm in the night

This marks the end of the short BKK trip
Marks the end of my SS4 tour with the boys

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