I don’t understand myself

I dreamt of myself driving a yellow colour sports car last night
The car was going so fast that I have difficulty navigating
So many times i nearly knocked into someone

To dream that you are driving a car denotes your ambition, your drive and your ability to navigate from one stage of your life to another. Consider how smooth or rough the car ride is. If you are driving the car, then you are taking an active role in the way your life is going. However, if you are the passenger, then you are taking a passive role. Overall, this dream symbol is an indication of your dependence and degree of control you have on your life.

Someone asked me to stop the car and walk to the destination instead
The distance was surprisingly short with the short cut he recommended
I felt relief for parking my car at the roadside without having to worry about knocking anyone down

To dream about relief suggests that you are trying to reduce the affect of the dream message and images. You may be experiencing a disturbing dream and your conscious is seeking to alleviate the impact. You need to take some time out in order to evaluate your decisions and judgment carefully.

In my dream we were looking for a place to drink
And I could feel his interest in me
He popped the question asking if the feelings was mutual
I was taken aback and replied “no”
I regretted this answer though
For the remaining of the night, I was trying to matchmake him and another friend
Somehow still regretting my answer “no”
But they did get closer as time goes by

To dream about regret indicates that you are preoccupied with waking disappointments and dissatisfaction. These could be repressed or negative feelings about yourself. The feelings you have in your dream are usually reflective of what you are feeling in real life, but you may not be expressing them appropriately.

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