Shindong Photocard

Dreamt of Yesung last night
Somehow I was at a venue like DND
But guests were all poly classmates
When the dinner was coming to an end, we heard from the next table that we could get a random card package from the artist at only KR$1
The next table showed us photos of their card packages
Photos were random but turned out to be all their group photos
They have like 5 – 6 packages

I was panicky because I was penniless and Yesung was the person giving out card packages
I so so wanted to get one but the dinner was coming to an end

I hurried to a table where Yesung was standing on top of it, handing out card packages to whoever wanted it
I spoke in broken Korean asking how much I have to pay
He looked at me intently without replying
My ex-colleague Mich was standing beside me with a KR$1
She handed it to me and I passed it to Yesung
He then came so near to passed me my card package
I could even hear my heart flutter in my dream

He walked away almost immediately after passing me the card package
I opened it up to find it was Wu Zun
So very disappointed
No Yesung, not even Super Junior

It must be the aftermath of Super Junior 6Jib Sexy, Free & Single Photocards
I got Shindong from Version A

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