Birthday 2012

It was my birthday yesterday for the 27th time
Such a awful number for an aging woman
I even have difficulty trying to get my age
2012 – 1985 = 27
Don’t you think the subtraction itself looks so difficult?
Like if we go 2012 – 19991 = 21
This looks so much better!!!

I was whining to a friend the other day
Being born at the later part of the year has its cons
For example, people look at my birth year during January this year and exclaimed “Oh! You’re 27!”
Hello? I’ve only turned 26 for 4 months when it was January this year!
I barely enjoyed my 26 and people are telling me I’m 27
No one bothers to do Maths these days… …

I guess when we age, we get less and less excited about our birthdays
I woke up to mine feeling like any other normal days
Went for a mahjong session at friend, Merry’s house
She greeted me at the door with a birthday cake
Sweet sweet mahjong khakis!
They even sang me Happy Birthday song~

Okay the photo wasn’t taken on my birthday but a week earlier
But these are the same peeps whom I spent my birthday with
So it’s perfectly alright recycling the photos
Swee Swee drove and dropped me and Pippin off in town after mahjong session
We had Kenny Rogers and Pippin was so sweet to give me a treat
Was filled to the brim and we left for home after the late dinner
I slumped back into bed at 12am and finally cured of my insomnia on my birthday
This calls for another celebration isn’t it?! XD
Merry Pippin and Sam
Missing the Frodo who’s all the way in Germany seeking her precious
Birthday passed by so peacefully
And I sincerely hope people will remember that this is my 27 21st birthday
Thank you to everyone who sent their blessings
To those I love and those who love me, I love you so muchie! 

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