Sukira Kiss the Radio Update

I haven’t heard Sukira live for such a long time
The last time I did, I was still standing outside the open studio in person

Come to think of it
I always happen to be in Seoul on important days
And there is always something special going on

The first time I was there
There were rumours of Leeteuk and Eunhyuk leaving KTR
That was the day where RyeoMin DJ were guests for EunTeuk DJs
I could hardly hear what was going in the studio
It was total chaos outside
I brought back so much bruises and scratches by the end of the day
The power of ELF!

The second time I was there
It was Wookie’s birthday and fans were squeezy washy outside the studio too
On a side note, Ryeowook doesn’t seem like he was in a fantastic mood that day
He mentioned he just had facial that day, so he was on mask most of the time

Anyway all these memories are good memories still!
Sukira just uploaded a new batch of photos of Wookie boy yesterday

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