I wanna SEE with BUZZ KOREA!

I have visited Korea twice
It sounds a lot doesn’t it
But I could tell you this is far from it

There is simply so much more to see and to feel!

Every time I went Korea, I packed my itinerary filled to the brim
Going up to 3 or 4 sightseeing locations in one day
Everyday wishing time would pass slower so I wouldn’t end my trip so soon
I wish I could have more time to explore Korea

Like I managed to go to S.M Entertainment building during my last trip

Look how pretty the building is!
I even get to meet stars like SNSD (SooYoung Yoona Sunny Jessica Hyoyeon Taeyeon…etc)
And also DBSK (Yunho)

I want to visit the newly opened Cube Studio in Chungdamdong, Seoul too
There are so much raves about this studio

Even this building looks so pretty too!
It is like literally glowing~
I did some research and found out that the first floor is a cafe
Second floor is where the artists’ practice rooms are

Imagine drinking a hot cafe americano in the cafe
Sunshine glowing through the windows on a afternoon
Then Yoon Doojoon from Beast just sashays down from the second floor and walks right up to you

Well maybe not this way
But you got the gist
I will hyperventilate on the spot!

During my last trip, my friend and I were on a quest to find a drama film set
The house in which drama Personal Taste 개인의 취향 features Sang Go Jae 상고재
It is the traditional Korean housing that Lee Minho stays in the drama

To be honest, we had such a hard time locating this house
At one point in time, we were so lost that we simply sat on the floor dejected, trying to read maps
Thankfully kind souls from Mobile Tourist Information Service approached us and showed us the light
I feel so warm whenever I see duo dressed in red jackets with signs on them that says “English” or “Chinese”
They are guides located all around tourists spots in Seoul to help damsels in distress like us
Okay, they help guys too
And guides who speak Japanese are also available

So proud of myself for finding this!

Since we are talking about Korean dramas
One we cannot miss must be Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자!
I even found the porridge shop Jandi works part time in the drama

Their porridge is truly delicious~
Such a big portion and I could finish everything by myself!
Please give me another serving~~~ ㅠㅠ

I haven’t had a chance to visit The Shinhwa High School in the drama yet
I’m not sure if anyone remembers the scene where Oh Minji spills ice-cream on Gu JunPyo’s shoes
 The English Village in Yangpyeong is exactly where that happened!

Look how magnificent the place looks
I want to visit this place tooooooo~

And I must share something very stupid of me during my past trip to Korea
I visited N Seoul Tower that offers great panoramic views of Seoul
I even planned my time in visiting
So that I could see the spectacular night view of the city

At the sky terrace, couples can affix their love padlocks to the fence
Throw away the key and it symbolizes everlasting love
Isn’t that so sweet~

But I was all the way up in the tower
Even sent a postcard to myself from the tower
Yet I forgot to go to this place for Locks of Love!!!!! (Wails
How can I get so absent minded, I do not know
Please people, if you ever get a chance to go, please do not forget this place
I MUST go again ㅠㅠ

Ah… So many places I’ve yet to visit and experience for myself
I seriously do wish to win the contest so I could immerse in the Korea culture again

Pick Me Pick Me Please~~~~

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