Jeju Island, I’m Finally Here!

We arrived in Jeju Island and it was raining
Not surprising at all for a place that has only 30plus days worth of sunny days

We took off looking for the bus stop once we got clearance from immigrations

I love taking pictures of mailbox in every country
Don’t you think they somehow stand for the unique culture of each country?

We’ve arrived at our hotel!
The accommodation we picked in the middle of the night, after reading through countless reviews on websites

The room is big enough for three people!
We played Scissors Paper Stone and I won
The huge bed was all MINE!
Teehee~ (Rolls Around

This photo is so funny
I was trying to make the entire bathroom look big
Ended up I squeezed myself outta the bathroom leaving only my arms in there with the camera

The hotel outer view
Most of the buildings in Jeju Island are not high rise building
So no worries about view being blocked
Anyway the hotel looks very newly renovated

In terms of service, the receptionists were super helpful!
They offered advice on our day 2 route and even helped us book an individual car for next day

We checked in and started roaming around the hotel vicinity
Rain was so heavy that umbrellas were useless
Don’t ask me why I didn’t bring my raincoat out
I totally forgot about its presence
It was lying happily in my luggage >.< 

We passed by Lotte Hotel and decided to go in for a visit
It is at a total different level from our hotel
The renovations were so posh and high class
But it’s alright, our hotel was warm and cozy!

The following dishes were ordered when we weren’t in a very hungry condition
As expected, we couldn’t finish them (Coughs

This saba fish was so delicious
There were few fish bones, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside
Most importantly, it’s downright fresh!

This is the most anticipated dish of all
Abalones, clams, mussels, scallops, prawns and so much seafood that I’ve seen for the first time
There were some we didn’t dare to eat… … … ORZ

A must eat when we come to Jeju Island: Abalone Porridge
Abalones are caught by women who risked their lives without diving equipments
The taste is truly heaven ㅠㅠ

Ready to dig in!!!
You’d understand why we couldn’t finish everything from the look of the table right?
Such a pity 엉엉~

With our stomach filled, we left for our first sightseeing spot of the day!

Teddy Bear Museum! Go Go!

We saw a newly wed the moment we stepped in~
I have no idea why my head looks so big in this picture
Reminds me of “The Dog” series

Even the staircase hallway has such pretty paintings

Marilyn Monroe~
You can even spot her white panty from the other angle
Cute! XD

There’s this huge bear we can take pictures with at the souvenir store
Trust me, we took more than one picture

Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island is really huge
I guess I’ll continue with the rest another day
Stay tuned folks~ ^^

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