Weekend Staycation

Val and I came across a good groupon deal some months back
We paid $288 in total for an executive hotel room, 1hr massage, and a bottle of wine
Since both of us are September babies
We thought we’d just take the chance to relax our mind, body and soul

The long awaited weekend finally came!
We were pleased with our room!
Wish the bed could be bigger though, to fit 4 of us XD

The bathroom is quite big
It has a shower area and a bathtub!
Too bad I didn’t get a chance to use the bathtub
Very satisfied with the room on the overall~

After our massage and checking in, we left for dinner at Mariners’ Corner Restaurant!
Such a quiet and cozy place, with yummy food!
The best part, it was within walking distance from the hotel~

I was trying to take selca with Meijun
Ended up Shan took the camera over and snap it for us

Meijun is such a good target to tease!
She looked at this photo and commented I look slimmer with the camera angle
I replied perhaps I am slim myself and it’s not the camera angle that makes me look so
I could see her eyeballs moving left and right, trying to find words to appease me
Joking please! LOL!!!!!!

Val was so sweet to come up with so much props for photo taking!
We had so much fun~

I have no idea why I keep looking very weird with these same props
So I am not sharing my photos of the props above

The glasses remind me of WHY Style and my Yesung oppa XD
I like the ashy colour of my hair in the photo!!!
How can I get this colour in real life without colour filter? >.<

Yes, we found a good spot to take photos
The bathroom!!!! XD
The lighting is perfect~

Caught in action sitting on the toilet bowl


The sherlock set is damn cute!!!!!
And watermelon bow tie~ 

VAL Style glasses~
Shan totally looks like a Pororo there
Or is that a green hornet? XD

No matter how many birthdays we had, we’d still be Forever Young!!!!!!

We went for a swim early morning the next day and checked out of the hotel at noon
Chanced upon pretty buildings while we were on a quest for yummy brunch

Finally reached the Group Therapy!
Loving the post box~

The cute signage along the staircase hallway
I only wanted an icy cold drink under the hot weather that day
But I tried their Ice Mocha that Val and Shan ordered
It was soooooooooooooooo rich and good!

My BLT brunch!
Sumptuous and yummy!!!!!!
Even the salad tasted splendid with the sesame dressing~

Everyone was super sleepy after the brunch
We stayed up late playing cards games like Uno, Monopoly Deal, Mahjong the night before
It was all showing on our faces

Definitely looking forward to the next staycation with the girls 

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