Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken

I crave for Korean ginseng chicken so badly and must eat them every time I visit Korea
Regardless of season, be it winter or summer

During winter, all I want to do is sip this hot pipping soup and feel the warmth spread through my body
During summer, all the more we should eat ginseng chicken!
This dish is exceptionally popular during bok days (복날)
Bok days are the three hottest days of the year according to Lunar Calendar
It believed that the nutrients from the dish will protect one from illness and provide strength
I need lots of strength to continue sight seeing in Korea

My favourite store would be Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken 토속촌삼계탕
The location is easily accessible, and most importantly, they serve very yummy ginseng chicken!

How to get to Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken

Take Seoul subway line 3, and alight at Gyeongbokgung Station (경복궁역) Exit 2

Walk straight and these are some of the shops you will see along the way

Turn left at this GS25 shop onto Jahamun-ro 5-gil Road

Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken is right in front of you!

This is how the menu looks like
Usually I order the second option priced at KRW$15,000

Every bowl of ginseng chicken comes with a small cup of ginseng wine or insamju (인삼주)
Pour it in, mix well and get ready to enjoy the delicious soup broth and soft tender chicken!

When you finish dining, remember to bring this to counter near the door for payment

Address: Seoul-si Jongno-gu Jahamun-ro 5-gil 5 (Chebu-dong 85-1)
Operating Hours: 10:00-22:00
Telephone Number: +82-2-737-7444

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