Grandma’s Birthday

It was my Grandma’s birthday yesterday. The entire family paid her a visit and celebrate the day with her. A lot of my aunts and uncles finally managed to see my sister for the longest time. I wasn’t feeling very well the whole of yesterday but still decided to go. Luckily I made that decision! The entire family went and I can’t imagine what awful things they would say if I hadn’t go.
 My sister snapped this photo when none of us noticed. I look so unglam here. LOL~ Kids in this picture was only a fraction of the grandchildren. My grandma gave birth to 7 children, and all of them have at least 1kid. You can imagine the number of grandchildren there yesterday. Even my younger cousin’s girlfriend was there.

My happy grandma here 

My aunt made the cheesecake you see in the picture. Friends around me would know I don’t take cheesecake. I feel like puking whenever I eat cheesecake. I don’t know why but my body simply rejects this particular favor in my system.

My aunts was ordering everyone to eat it yesterday, commenting that we have to regardless whether we like it. Of course I am aware and thankful of her efforts for making the cake, it looks delicious. But my taste buds simply refuse to acknowledge that, what can I do? There’s nothing I could do but to gulp it down. If I hadn’t, they would make judgements like being rude because I’m afraid of getting fat. I don’t want to go through swallowing back own vomit again. ㅠㅠ

Such a tiring day yesterday. Fighting the cramps in my stomach, forcing a smile on my face and acting like I’m enjoying everyone asking me about my job. Why do people judge based on your career and the monetary values it brings you? If you have a career that brings good money, they assume you are happy. If not, they assume you’re simply wasting your life away. Yet never once, they ask “Are you happy?”

Sometimes friends are better than distant relatives because they think before they judge. They look at you at the same level, and not put you down. Your joke is laughed off because it is meant to be, and not being chided for not knowing where you stand in the family hierarchy.

Perhaps one day I could learn to laugh off my distant relatives’ impaired judgement too.

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