Anipang 애니팡

I’m recently addicted to this new game on Android called Anipang 애니팡 (available on iPhone too). It’s like the new rave in Korea that even Korean artists are also playing.

Kang Sora who acted in movie “Sunny” and drama “Dream High 2” recently tweeted about the game too, stating that she needs “hearts”. So I guess I’m not the only one hooked on the game here. ㅋㅋㅋ

If you have a KakaoTalk account, the game will be able to record high scores. At the same time, it also displays your high scores from friends on your KakaoTalk. I must warn though, the game keeps sending messages to your KakaoTalk. I’ve yet found a way to stop the messages from coming through.

To play the game, simply match 3 or more animals of the same kind together horizontally or vertically. Each time, there are 5 hearts (lives) given to a player and every game lasts 60 seconds.

This printscreen indicates that I am at level 19, with another 44% more to level 20. I have two hearts at the moment, and another 5min 33sec to a new heart.  Each heart takes 8 minutes to load. If you ever run out of hearts and desperately wants to play, look out for the message icon on the bottom right with a number indicated. This printscreen means I have another 8 hearts in addition to the basic 5.

The highest score I have on my score board is 481, 386. Don’t ask me how he got that. I want that kinda score too! (Cries) To start the game, click “게임시작” meaning “Start Game”.

The animals are cute max right! @(o・ェ・o)@

Don’t worry if you can’t find 3 or more to align and got stuck at some point in the game, a hint will be given. The top bar when accumulated to full gives you a dark angry looking bomb. Activate by clicking on it, and it will clear the particular column and last row on the board. If you didn’t utilise this bomb by the end of the game, there will be a “Last Pang” where the bomb goes off and points are still given.

Some tips to get high scores, simply play the game at a high speed. When you combo enough, it will last for a few seconds of “bonus” killing. During this few seconds, whatever you align, those animals around it will disappear too. When you activate the bomb after a lot of combos, scores are higher. 
Don’t gloat too much on your high scores because the high scores table gets cleared every week! XD 
Have fun with the game!

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