I Don’t Care

Sometimes we find it so hard to please everyone. I still remember a project manager spoke to me during my previous employment, regarding my unsatisfactory work performance. She told me she couldn’t tell me what she wants exactly, because she doesn’t know, but hopefully I could read her mind one day. Of course I laughed it off back then because that statement was simply a reflection of the project manager’s fickle mind and poor leadership.

Now that time has passed and I could finally ponder on the matter calmly, I wonder why are there so many requests for me to read people’s minds, discuss on topics they find interest in, speak words they find pleasant to their ears. Do you get this kind of requests frequently?

People are so focus on themselves. If you don’t feel like seeing anything, walk away and hide yourself in a corner. If you don’t feel like hearing anything, cover your ears. Is this so hard?

Yet there are people who voice it out, expecting you to stop talking, stop appearing. For a single reason, they don’t like what’s happening. True enough there is no offense taken on their end, they just want things their way. Would I be requested to stop breathing one day?

Selfish, I call it.

If I could do mind reading and character changing with a snap of fingers, I won’t be me. I would probably end up with the same character, same mindset or even same outfit with someone else. I am quite sure I would be hating myself when that happens.

So I have decided: I won’t compromise. Too bad if you got unhappy by my post and decided to explode your own brain with anger. (Shrugs) I don’t care.

Enough of mind reading talk, lets move on to happier events. I finally had all my studying done with uniSIM. I’m officially a graduate! Hooray! A convocation was held earlier this month and my whole family came. I’m a happy girl.

Pictures with my parents! I did have someone helped take a picture with both of them but the effect is totally awful. I don’t understand why someone standing at a tall height of at least 1.7m had to bend their knees to take pictures, and the focus of photo was on our thighs instead of our faces. =_=

My precious sister came too~ I know I don’t look very healthy in this picture. The truth is, my lips are still beyond dry and peeling. It’s gotten worst and spread to my skin around the lips too. I couldn’t let my lips look pinkish healthy at all and it resulted in me looking so pale.

Ending the post with a very small and unclear picture of me receiving the certificate. It was photoshopped to remove the logo from the photography studio. Very good skills I must applaud myself for XD And for the last time… …

I’M A GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!

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