SMTown Singapore

After months and months of anticipation, SMTown is finally coming to Singapore on 23 November 2012. The third world tour and it is finally our turn. Y.E.A.H!

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to go through queuing at SISTIC counters or non-stop refreshing SISTIC website to get tickets online. I got my moshpit B ticket without sweat. Teehee~

It was so hard deciding which moshpit we wanted to be in. Seated tickets were not within our considerations because they were so far from the main stage. The concert venue is where Singapore holds its national day parade and this concert itself is selling 18,000 tickets in total. Go figure how big the venue is. It’s a must to be in the moshpit! It didn’t help when the concert organiser kept changing their seating plans, and added new seating to the very last minute.

Anyway all ends well. I’ve got the ticket I want. Now we’re just waiting for D-Day to arrive!

On a side note, I’m helping a korean friend change her moshpit A ticket to moshpit B. If there is anyone willing to trade, please drop me a note or email. Thanks!

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