S.M Entertainment

It is now customary that I will pay S.M Entertainment at least one visit, every time I visit Seoul. The surprises you get of not knowing who you will meet there is exhilarating. Like I mentioned earlier, artists I’ve met so far include Girls Generation (SooYoung Yoona Sunny Jessica Hyoyeon Taeyeon…etc) and DBSK (Yunho).

Today, I’m going to share on how to go to S.M Entertainment! Before you rejoice, I must first warn you how far the building is from the subway station. My pictures are all screenshots using Google Map so no complaints on the quality of the pictures please.

Take subway line 3 and alight at Apgujeong Station, exit 2. Turn and walk in the opposite direction of the exit. Turn right around KEB Private Bank.

From here onwards, it is endless walking straight. The following are some shops you will pass by.

Continue walking straight and you will see a big cross-intersection. Cross the road and you will reach a gas station S-OIL.

Continue walking straight.

Keep walking until you see The Galleria. Cross the road to The Galleria and continue walking in the same direction you were walking in.

You will pass by Louis Vuitton. Cross the road and keep walking straight.

Continue walking straight until you see the S.M Entertainment building!

The middle panel was renovated and newly added words “SMTown”. It lits up at night and this is how it looks like.

Hope this guide is useful in helping you reach S.M Entertainment and meet dazzling world stars!

If you happen to see any artists, please don’t take photographs, scream or cause any inconvenience to them. I can’t guarantee you won’t be chased away by the ahjussi security.

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