Happy New Year!!!!!

Hello everyone in year 2013! It’s a brand new year, a brand new start! I’m getting hyped up because the year has started off so well and I hope it only gets better! (Greedy Mode) In the meantime, it’s us getting used to writing dates starting or ending with “13”! Heh~

The SMTown post I promised is finally here! It was such a tiring day but I enjoyed myself so much! The night before the concert, my friend and I actually went to peep at their rehearsal from the helix bridge.The concert organiser thought of it too so they actually put up nets to block the view from helix bridge. Luckily I brought binoculars! We saw f(x), EXO and SNSD rehearsed that night.

I arrived at the concert venue very early the next morning. We queued for SMTown Passport redemption and concert merchandise. The moshpit I was in did not need require queuing because very little tickets were released for my area.

The sun was too glaring and everyone had their umbrellas and fans out. We left the concert venue and found places to eat and chill after all the stuff we needed to get. The sky started turning very dark and rained heavily with thunder. I am so glad we were in the comfort of Starbucks when all that happened. I was already sick before I went for the concert, down with a heavy flu and fever. I needed all the rest I could get and caffein to perk me up.

Concert was scheduled to start at 6.30pm and we arrived at around 6.40pm. The sky heard our pleas and rain finally stopped. Our moshpit was so empty that I could easily stand first row if I wanted. We’d prefer running around the moshpit though, only squeezing to the front when there are artists we wanted to see.

Security on photo taking was exceptionally strict. I couldn’t capture a single photo throughout. At the same time, I have my eyes glued to the artists all the time! There were no cameras above our heads hindering our view. I do enjoy watching concerts like this!

I must flail at how up-close and personal we were with the artists. D.O from EXO-K was squatting down in front of me. The girls in front of me were screaming non stop because he was so closed that we could even shake hands. He didn’t shook our hands of course. But he heard the screams and turned, looked into our eyes, smile and wave at us. (Melts) I am not really a EXO fan, but I do like D.O and acknowledge his singing. I would say he’s my favorite out of the group. Kekekekeke~

Yesung, my bias if anyone of you doesn’t know yet, was standing in front of us singing. He could run around but he chose to stand in front of me and sang the remaining of the song. He bent very close to us, saw my fan board and smirked. This is the second time he looks at me directly, into my eyes!!!!! (Jelly Feet) During the final song HOPE where all of the artists came on stage, he threw a soft toy at me, makes sure I got it safely, smirked and left. (DEAD o<-<) How sweet can he get? (Sobs)

종운오빠 넘 고마워요 ㅠㅠ

We only managed to take out our cameras to snap during the last song. Hence I got very limited photos and most of all, I was busy looking at Yesung with my eyes that I didn’t take a single photo of him.

Oh! I must share a side story! During the song Hope, Yesung wanted to drink from a bottle of mineral water. He happened to turn and saw Sooyoung from SNSD. With that mischievous look on his face, he motioned to spray it on Sooyoung. Sooyoung gave a very timid look and shake her head in fear. Yesung happily smirked and drank the water. Awwwwwwwwwww~~~~ CUTE MAX!!!!!!

Okay, photos now…

I couldn’t remember what they saw. Someone must be threatening to spray water on Tiffany that she got so scared, clinging on to Kangta.

I’m sorry Kyuhyun… His derp face was too precious not to share XD

Okay okay let me give Kyuhyun back his justice. A photo of him biting his lips.

It started raining and thundering again during BoA’s “Only One” stage. Everyone was busy fishing out their raincoats and hardly had time to look at the performance when Sehun from EXO came out. Everyone I knew missed almost the entire Sehun dance, including me. 囧 The rain was so heavy that I think I would enjoy the water flow better than the shower hose in my house.

There’s something I must point out though. I wish the SNSD fan boys could bring raincoats instead of their umbrellas. They were tall enough blocking the view of people behind, and with their umbrellas, no one could see anything beyond them! Please be considerate!!!!!!!!!!

Donghae was wet from the rain. Look at those arms~ (Swoons) Yes I know there are people who wants to see Xiumin from EXO too! Here you go!

How happy was he looking at the fireworks? LOL!

And now, lets focus back on Super Junior! Sungminnie~

Sungminnie giving a pat on the back for Lay from EXO. He’s bending slightly to his sunbae!

Awwwwwww~ Sungminnie 

Sungminnie and Sunny looking at each other.

Eunhyuk pushing Kyuhyun down beside him and not allowing him up. Kyuhyun was pushed til his knees were bent. Kekekeke~

Eunhyuk’s almost 180 degrees bow. Awwww~ The group I idolize is so precious.

Our Eunhyuk’s armpit ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

So many artists yet our boys are always the last on stage, giving their bows to their fans. They are forever so humble and thankful to ELF for their success. Loves max~ The final thumb kiss moments 

We enjoyed ourselves so much during the concert!

즐거운 시간을 보냈어요! 모든여러분 수고하셨습니다!!!!!!
꼭 다시 오세요~

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