Qian Comes to Singapore!

My Taiwanese good friend, Qian came Singapore for a short visit in September last year. Yes, I know I am very slow in updating. To be honest, I have totally forgotten I have photographs from her trip in my computer. Kekekeke~

It was a very short meet up but a good one because I haven’t seen her since I last visited Taiwan, which is around 2 years ago! All these while, we could only rely on MSN to communicate, which by the way is terminating its services soon.

We brought Qian to enjoy the ever yummy chilli crab and claypot crab beehoon soup at Mellben Seafood.

The chilli crab sauce has so much egg in it and so yummy. Steamed buns is a must order dish so that we could dip them into the sauce. I’m already salivating looking at the photos. (Gulps)

I have no idea why this claypot crab beehoon soup is so yummy. But I can assure you that one bowl of soup is not enough. You keep asking for more! If the portion is not enough, you can always request to add soup for additional price!

Look at their happy faces before devouring the dish!

Yes, everyone hide behind me and make my face looks big. Humph~

Though we hardly meet but we have endless topics to talk about! Sincerely hope we could meet more often! Oh… That would imply me flying to Taiwan more often? Kekekeke~

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