My Ideal Type

I was reading my Twitter timeline the other day and saw a person I followed commented that a guy friend told her “You’re not fat but you will look more pretty if you lose a few pounds.” I’m sorry but when most girls read this message, all they get is “You’re not fat but you will look more pretty if you lose a few pounds.”

Seriously, everyone knows they will look better and healthier if they lose some weight. Why do the guys think they need to point this out to the girls? I have gotten even more blunt comments coming from guys telling me I’m fat. Mind you that I’m in the acceptable weight range for my height. To rub it in, the person who repeatedly joke about my body size is severely overweight. Who are you to judge? If he has meant for it to be a joke, who is laughing?

Yes I know, there will be people jumping in to tell us to live a healthy lifestyle, eat moderately and exercise more. I already am trying, but don’t expect me to turn into Lee Hyori figure overnight. Let’s get this straight, I don’t enjoy dancing around hand in hand with my body fats either.

Lee Hyori is toooooooo gorgeous and healthy looking. Look at her long and skinny legs! I have male Korean friends who love her so much and set her as their 이상형 (ideal type). If I’m a guy, I want to make her my ideal type too! XD

I got a little agitated at the beginning of the article. Oopsie! I just couldn’t help it when people speak without looking into the mirror. I can only advice the guys, weight and age are both sensitive topics to female. If you got nothing better to say, keep your mouth shut. You are warned!

On a side note, I got multiple compliments from friends today saying I’ve lost weight. Teehee!

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