Chinese New Year!

Singapore has Chinese being the biggest population here, so naturally we regard Chinese New Year the biggest festival of the year. There are so much myths and customs we follow by closely for this special festival.

For one, we usually do a spring cleaning for our houses before Chinese New Year, put away unwanted stuff and give our houses a major cleaning. On the first few days of Chinese New Year, we don’t sweep the floor because we believe it would sweep the “gold” away. I also faithfully do spring cleaning before every Chinese New Year! It is like a timeline I abide with so that I can ensure my room doesn’t get too dusty over the years.

There is another myth of getting new clothing for Chinese New Year. They say how we behave and what we wear for the new year determines how things will be for the rest of the year. New clothing implies new beginning, so we girls enjoy shopping even more with this legitimate reason backing us up. All the more, our big family gathers together during this time, some of whom we only see each other during this time of the year. Naturally we have to look our very best!

Anyway during the Chinese New Year this year, I met up with my younger cousins. The ladies are growing up so well now. I feel old… … … But I’m glad we are close even til today!

I was looking at the photos and realize how similar our noses look! I wish I have a chance to right my nose into something smaller, with higher nose bridge. It now looks like a ping pong ball being stuck right in the middle of my face isn’t it?

I need a trip to Korea… … … But I need money even more XD

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