A Pleasant Surprise: Black Box

I received a knock on my door a few weeks back and there was a parcel for me. I love receiving hand written letters and parcels! They are like surprises sent to me right to the doorstep. This parcel was from The Black Box.

Look at how sleek and mysterious the box looks. I couldn’t wait to unveil the inside of this box.

Items are nicely wrapped and carefully packed together. I like how they present the items in the box. I didn’t have to worry if the granola bars were in pieces. Boy I love Oats and Honey flavor granola bars. I know fruity granola bars taste good too but I prefer sweet and crunchy bars. They satisfy my hunger better.

I unwrapped the items out and voila! There are so much vouchers! Teehee!

Oh~ I have seen so much advertisements about the new Darlie Expert White toothpaste. My teeth is naturally born yellowish and no amount of washing at the dentist can bring out the white. This was told by my dentist. I still won’t give up and have been using whitening toothpaste ever since. Alright, my daily coffee dosage isn’t helping either. I’m so excited to try this!

The contents of the box really covers your needs from body to health. There are granola bars to give you the energy you need, spa vouchers to let you relax your mind and body, shopping vouchers to pamper yourself with Sanrio products!

I couldn’t wait for my next box!

The Black Box is so sweet to be giving you the black box for free if you subscribe now. What are you waiting for? Visit their website and grab it!

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