Ewha Womans University

My trips to Korea mostly includes food, sight-seeing and most importantly shopping. When we speak of shopping, a place not to be missed is definitely Ewha Womans University (이대). The streets just outside this university is bustling with people and I could spend hours combing this place. If you’re taking subway, the stop to alight at is “Ewha Womans University” itself, exit 3.

During my last trip, I went for a haircut and dye. You wouldn’t believe how awful the shape of my hair was in. So many times I suddenly realize I was holding on to the scissors, ready to snap off my hair because it was too irritating. Most of the times I was able to regain my senses in time and put down the scissors to stop myself from cutting and ruining my own fringe further. Yes, I mean ruining further. I didn’t manage to stop myself a couple of times. ㅠㅠ

The moment I arrived at 이대, you were expecting me to charge to the hair salon? Nahhhhhhh~ I must satisfy tummy first. Studies have shown people are more stupid if they do not consume breakfast. Everyone, please eat your breakfast daily!

Breakfast was at Hollys Coffee! Someone recommended the breakfast and said it is something we’d regret if we didn’t try.

This is breakfast for two, I was sharing with my friend. If you ask me, I think sandwiches are alright but nothing fantastic. Drink wise, I find the ice chocolate too sweet. But then again, it would taste awful if chocolate drink is not sweet right? In summary, I am just not an ice chocolate drink person. (Shrugs) Of course you would probably love it if you have a sweet tooth.

After breakfast, I did charge with full speed to the hair salon.

Drinks and snacks while I enjoy the haircut services. The hairdressers were so hip! They used an iPad to display hairstyles and communicate with clients. After our communication, they even asked if I wanted to use the iPad to pass time. It is no longer holding big bulky female magazines!

New hairstyle, new colour! I do find my hair more obedient when I was in Korea. The moment I stepped back into land of Singapore, it wouldn’t stay like this anymore. (Wails) I blame it on the humidity level in Singapore.

With the new hairstyle, it is time to explore the campus of Ewha Womans University!

Despite the pretty campus, I just had to put myself into the picture to ruin it. XD

The sun was setting when I took a tour around the campus. You can see the sunlight glittering on the leaves. Such a beautiful sight~

Mysterious staircase leading to…?

The campus looks so different in summer, as compared to my last visit in winter. I did walk quite deep into the school and felt so surreal. Though it’s a female university, I do see quite a number of males there. Picking their girlfriends up? So those guys you see there are probably taken?

Anyway, I guess it’s free for anyone to visit and take a walk around the school. Do make your way into the school if you are in the area for shopping or meals!

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