ClearLab Contact Lens

I was trying to take pictures using my less than 1 year old camera and it simply shuts down the moment it activated. I was panicking and thoughts of bringing it to the service centre were already running through my head. I decided to change to my back up battery pack and tried it out. To my horror, the same thing happened! I was ready to break down to tears because it means my few hundred dollars will be gone on a new camera soon.

I told myself to calm down and charge my batteries. I haven’t been using my camera for some time, and it is highly possible the batteries were drained. After charging, the camera starts up perfectly normal and I could take pictures again. Yay! (Embrace camera in arms and turn 3 rounds with long skirt)

Now that my camera is back up and running, I could take pictures for blog! <3

I have been using black tinted contact lenses since I bought them in Bangkok last year. I went to attend Super Show 4 and there were deals outside the concert venue. The contact lenses from Maxim were endorsed by our very own Lee Donghae. Other than Donghae imprinted contact lens cases, there were also posters to be given away. I couldn’t resist myself and bought a lot because they are quite half price compared to the black tinted contact lenses sold in Singapore.

It has been some time since I last went Bangkok and my contact lens stock was running low. I was looking for alternatives when I chance upon ClearLab. I bought a pair of mystic black and like the comfort of the lenses. The contact lenses doesn’t dry my eyes! I used to put eye drips in my office due to my long hours of usage. Yes, I know no matter what brand of lenses I wear, I shouldn’t be wearing long hours. Bleah! The diameters of the contact lens make my pupil bigger and I look more innocent! (No?) At least I look more awake.

Both pictures were taken on different days and I finally got a haircut! Weeee~ Can you see the difference in hair length? The above picture with my fringe I repeatedly trimmed on my own over the months, and below is the art of my hair stylist. It is so hard to trim your own fringe when they are not flat straight. Anyway after taking the second picture, I decided to wear an additional camisole before going out. The top is too transparent and I’m not brave enough to go around showing everyone my bra on the streets. >//////<

Did I drifted off the topic? (Coughs) I followed ClearLab facebook page and chanced upon a contest: write a review on their contact lens and get your friends to like the page. It was this simple! I won the contest with the help of my friends, and I got a year supply of free contact lenses. Teehee!

2 months after winning the contest, the organiser finally sent me my contact lens. The contact lens I won are non-tinted and diameter not as big. It looks as though you’re not wearing contact lenses at all.  They are perfect for daily wear to work! If anyone is interested, you can visit ClearLab Facebook page for the stores selling their contact lenses.

Thank you ClearLab!

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