Everland in Korea

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time, I’m sorry folks. It has been a hectic past few weeks for me. When I’m not busy, I’m just lying around the house staring into blank space. I’ve been trying hard to adopt back a healthy lifestyle.

I conclude that I’m unsuccessful. Well, at least I tried. (Falls back into couch)

In order to make up for my long lost absence, I’m here to fill the space with my trip to Everland in Korea! I hope the pictures will make this post look long. Heh~

It was my first time to Everland and I did some research on directions. I even found different buses taking off from different subway stations that arrive at the same destination. When we arrived at Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) exit 10 to take bus, the bus stop with bus 5002 is nowhere to be seen no matter how hard we looked. We asked around and people all pointed to the same direction. Yet, we were still so lost. Until we saw bus 5002 itself not stopping by the road side, but in the middle of the road. We didn’t notice there was another bus stop in the middle of the road. Hahahahaha~ Anyway we managed to run after the bus and boarded.

The travelling time from Gangnam Station is around 50minutes. The bus I got on was so packed and we stood all the way for the entire journey. I was still pining hope on napping on the bus. (Sobs)

Anyway, we finally arrived at Everland after the long and tedious bus ride. Yay!

My entrance ticket with manicured nails. So loving the pink leopard print french tip nails. Teehee! We bought the ticket at $32,000Won after a tourist discount. This is almost half the price for Singapore’s Universal Studio entrance fee. Cheap!

We were in time for the Rose Festival!

There were even rose balls (?) hanging from the trees. LOL!

The castle like buildings were pretty. It may not seem so, but the sun was super glaring.

And here comes my first ride of the day! I didn’t know why I ran into a panic attack when I was queuing for this. I guess I need to warm myself up for rides. It turned out to be a really safe and fun ride. A lot of variety shows were filming on this ride. Do give it a try! It just makes you dizzy. XD

This viking in Korea is the most exciting I’ve tried by far! I’ve only tried viking in Singapore, Malaysia and Korea though. This goes up to almost 90 degrees. I giggled so much because of the kids on the same ride who were screaming their heads off.

Pororo and friends! I think this 3D show is more for kids so I didn’t go in. I thought if we had time, we could always come back. Ended up we were so thrilled with the rides deep in the park that I forgot all about this. I can always come back though… Heh!

With Pororo and Petty!

Everland is like a zoo and theme park all in one. We decided to take it easy and visit all the animals first.

I couldn’t take pictures with those live animals, so I decided to stick to fake ones.

Nowadays whenever I see giraffes, I think of Ryeowook!

The vehicle is cute alright. But the seat was super hot under the scorching sun. Believe me, my smile stiffened the moment I put my ass on that chair. The zebra driver looks like he’s saying “출발!” (Let’s Go).  LOL!

After a fulfilling lunch under the non air-conditioned canteen, we moved on to see the one and only Liger! He’s the baby of a Lion and Tiger! Cool right!

Look out of our bus window and there’s a bear walking past!

And he looked so poised scratching his back against the tree.

I was contemplating whether to buy this hairband because it’s tooooooo cute! I totally regretted not buying it. Though I have no idea when I could use this if I had really bought it. Ha!

Everland is so so big and I took a lot of pictures. Sharing the rest another day. Ending this post tonight with this picture of too gorgeous and fluffy cute fennec fox sleeping. Don’t you wish you could bring one home and snuggle against it? Awwwwww~~~

Good night!

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