Everland in Korea II

I’m determined to bring account of Everland trip to an end today so be prepared for photobomb! Heh~ Continued this post from here.

After lunch, I wanted to wash my hands and found the basin so cute! Duckie~

Then there were even more animals to see.

The sea lions were so clever! See the one above standing! Cute! And the show was such a cooling escapade from the hot summer because the venue is air-conditioned.

We ventured outdoors bravely once again and this picture with monkey king (?) is like a prelude of the many monkeys we gonna be seeing.

And there’s even sea animals like penguins and polar bears.

I was chasing this duck around trying to take a good picture of it but it just kept running. I can’t believe I was playing “Catching” game with this duck! So funny XD

Flamingo! So graceful in its own ways.

There was a crowd surrounding this cutie little thing because he kept fishing into the air with its hands, as though looking for something. Oh I just realized it has crescent shaped eyes!

Hedwig! Have you landed in Korea? Where is your master Harry Potter?

Awwww~ She’s looking at me with her arms crossed! Such a graceful baby!

Here comes the most exciting ride in Everland! Entire roller coaster made of wood including the tracks. This is the 90 degrees drop! There is no safety harness, just a safety seat belt at the waist. The crew was guiding us to do some stretching exercises before the ride to refrain from getting hurt during the ride. I was so nervous before taking this ride, but once I started I couldn’t stop! I went for it twice and still wanted more. This is truly addictive! Everyone please go and try!

My favourite snack, churros, to reward myself after the exhilarating rides. Why can’t I find them readily available in Singapore? Sobs… I was just talking to a Korean on Instagram the other day and she was sharing with me a place that serves good churros in Seoul! I must go try soon! (Nods Head)

Can you spot the roller coaster ride behind me? (Eyes Glittering)

As it’s the rose festival, there were so much flowers everywhere!

Probably because of rose festival, it’s supposed to be romantic. So there were a lot of heart decorations around too. I started off being excited and took as many photos as I could. Gradually… … I got sick of it because I’m always alone. Sobs…

See! Even the chair looks empty with me sitting on it alone. I gave up trying to take pictures with hearts after this. #ForeverAlone

Yes, giraffe reminds me of Ryeowook again. There is a ferris wheel in the background that I didn’t get to sit in. Prolly next time…

The sky started to darken and it was time to leave Everland. I want to come again!

Ending the day with Korean BBQ and Makkoli (Korean rice wine) when we returned to Myeongdong. I hope you’re reading this post at night. This way we can get hungry together and grow fat together at night. (Munches snacks)

Okay… I shall not be mean. Ending this post with the cute fennec fox instead. I took so many pictures of them! I’m not kidding when I said I really want to bring one home as a pet!

Good night!

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