Kuala Lumpur Mayday Concert “No-Where”

This is another outdated post. (Coughs) I went Malaysia Kuala Lumpur in March with some friends to catch Mayday’s concert “No-Where”. Despite the close proximity my house is to the causeway linking to Malaysia, I don’t travel there often. I kinda miss the days I used to travel to Johor Bahru just for cheap and good massage. Needless to say Kuala Lumpur, where it’s further deep in Malaysia. Since it’s been some time since I last visit Kuala Lumpur, naturally I was looking forward to the trip.

The check in counter staff was weird. My friend and I checked in together and the staff even asked whether either of us wanted aisle seat. My friend wanted aisle seat and I had no preference. When I got the tickets, I got a surprise. My friend did get an aisle seat, and me a middle seat. But we were seated on different sides of the air craft. It’s not like the counter staff was trying to give us an entire row to ourselves. I had different people sitting on my left and right side on board the air craft.  Thankfully a guy was kind enough to exchange seats with us, so we get to sit together.

The most important item to bring on the trip: entrance ticket! The first thing I boarded the flight was to ask whether my friend brought the tickets. Not that there’s anything I could do by the time we were on the flight to realize tickets were not with us. LOL~

It was my friend’s birthday! We arrived at the hotel to sing happy birthday song and ate cake. Such a coincidence to be having birthday on the day of concert. Heh~

The rest of us on the trip. On board a cab towards venue for lunch!

Somehow we managed to stand second row in the mosh pit. It was so upclose and personal. So many times the members came over to smile at us, recognizing we were from Singapore. The last two photos in the concert venue was taken using my mobile phone. I didn’t bring my camera in and I could even capture Monster looking at my me. (Melts)

Next day was Old Town White Coffee prawn mee and coffee for our first meal. I am missing the taste of this prawn mee already! It tastes way better than what I have in Singapore!

Then it was my favorite Krispy Kreme before we head to the airport for home. Late last year there was news of Krispy Kreme coming to Singapore but why is it not here yet? Where art thou Krispy Kreme~~~~~

Soon it is Singapore’s turn for Mayday World Tour of “No-Where”. I’ve bought my tickets. How about you?

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