First Time Trying Out Jollibee!

I had an enjoyable gathering with my Uni friends last night. I laughed so much that my voice is coarse today and my throat feels like it’s burning. I thought about what we talked last night and I can still find myself grinning sheepishly.

We went Jollibee at Lucky Plaza for dinner. The place is huge but the long queue is horrendous. We queued for more than half an hour before we get to order. Considering it’s a fast food restaurant, the waiting time is way too long.

Usually we secure ourselves seats before we order. At Jollibee, we’re supposed to queue and order food before we locate seats. Hence most of the time, you see people wandering around with trays of food on their hand looking for seats. This system doesn’t really work when we have a group of people. For example, how do you expect 10 people to queue for food together, then find seats for 10 with all the food on hand?

We were persistent in trying out Jollibee though. We studied it as one of the case studies for our final University double credit module thus the significance to us!

The portion is quite small actually. On my good days, I think I can gobble 2 sets by myself. Taste wise, I’d say it’s good! I’ll definitely visit again if I can skip the queue.

We headed over to Paris Baguette for desserts after that.

Look at the pretty cakes! We 4 girls finished everything on our own and the guys didn’t even get a taste of it. Til the last bite, we were still squealing at how good the cakes tasted.

Then it was nonstop picture snaping time! Uh-huh!

That’s right, the 4 of us gobbled up all the cakes. Yums… I want another Strawberry Shortcake please ㅠㅠ

I was listening to these 2 bickering from my left and right all night long. And that includes listening to them repeat conversations again and again. They gave us so much laughter throughout the night. <3

Ending the post with another group picture. Hope we get to meet again!

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