Nails Got Pampered

If you’ve been following my instagram or paying attention to my instagram widget on the right of this page, you’d probably notice I have been trying to DIY my own nails recently.

I tried nail art but I failed at art. Look at the mess I made.

I tried water decal. Application is easy but they come off once I start hand washing my clothes.

I gave up and turned to the professional.

Yay! I haven’t had french manicured nails for such a long time! Yes, because they are done professionally and beautifully, I can post a larger picture. Heh~

Anyway I’ve been down with viral infection, coughing and sneezing nonstop. The only consolation is that I’m no longer having a fever. I have a sexy voice now and my voice cracks when I try to laugh. My abs hurt from my over-coughing. I wanna recover… … ㅠㅠ

Nothing can stop me from going out and enjoy the long weekend though. Took this selfie when I was waiting for my cuppa Smoothie King. Cold drink for cough is no good right? Oopsie!

My selfie failed here. The focus was on my face and blurring my friends as background? LOL!

Anyway if I still don’t get well, I should go visit doctor again. Everyone please drink more water! Enjoy the long weekend if you’re in Singapore!

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