National Day 2013 Preview

I am so overdue on my posts! I won some tickets to watch National Day 2013 Preview Show so I brought my mum along. It’s been so long since I went for National Day Live Show! The last time I did was probably secondary school days.

I wasn’t feeling well that day. Before the show, I was still dozing off at Starbucks. The sun was too toxic. I immediately grew even more sick after the show.

I was so afraid to go hungry for the show that I bought Smoothie King + Subway Set to the show. I forgot there is a big goodie bag with lots of water and snacks to keep us through.

Eager to take pictures before I even set the items down. Teehee!

The National Flag that flew above our heads. I must say the stage looks good with Marina Bay Sands Hotel behind.

The seats we got was pretty good! I’m really glad I won the tickets.

Ending the post with the super big and creepy talking Merlion.

As I’m typing this post, I’m sick again! It’s like the 3rd time these few months and each time it takes weeks for me to recover. Argh! Drink more water and take more vitamin C peeps!

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