I’m a Couch Potato

I’ve been catching up on drama recently and I find myself sacrificing precious sleep because of this! The story lines and eye candies are so worthwhile. Teehee!

(I started this post so many months ago and I am still procrastinating. Incorrigible!)

After 2 years, Sherlock Holmes is finally back with John Watsons on season 3. Oh my goodness, I can listen to them speak in their sexy British accent all day. And the 3 episodes ended in a flash again. I am already missing their wittiness.

There’s catching up on my The Vampire Diaries Season 5. The story has developed so far and the episode I’m at, the human Elena Gilbert is now a vampire whereas Katherine Pierce the vampire turned into human. I’m convinced that the writer/s has killed every possible person in the drama and is now introducing more characters in order to kill at a later time.

Of course, Damon Salvatore is ever so handsome with his deep set eyes. Stare into my eyes and find my soul.

Apart from all these, majority of my time is spent on Korean dramas. The recently (or not) ended The Heirs featuring so many handsome actors such as Lee Minho and Kim Woobin.

The plot is similar to a Cinderella story taking place in high school. Park Shinhye is the unfortunate (or very fortunate to be surrounded by so handsome guys) girl, poor and kind, often in situations like a damsel in distress waiting to be saved.

My favourite is, however, not the main lead. I totally heart Kim Woobin! He’s deep and husky voice, tall height and eyes that stare deep into your soul. In the drama, he puts on such a strong front but is actually sensitive hurt child deep within. How not to love a man like this! Come to noona!

Oh and I so heart the Minhyuk+Krystal couple!

You Who Come From The Stars is yet another epic drama. Kim Soohyun voice sounds even better (sorry, Woobin!). I was delighted to hear he’d be coming to Singapore as one of the destinations for fanmeet. I even gave up going to watch my BigBang, CNBlue, 2NE1 for him!

In the end, Kim Soohyun is gonna come when I’m not in Singapore. Such a pity sobs… …

In the meantime, I’m on a watch out for more dramas to fill my empty heart ㅠㅠ

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