Emergency Couple Fan Meet in Singapore

A few months ago (coughs), main lead actor and actress of drama Emergency Couple came to Singapore for a fan meet. I didn’t realise it’s been so long since I’ve been to a fan meet! (Alright, I also didn’t realise I haven’t been blogging for ages) The last fan meet I went was Super Junior’s hidden member, Kim Kibum fan meet in Singapore. Having only being an ELF from around Super Show 3 concerts, I missed the chances of knowing Kibum, let alone see him. Thanks to Korea Tourism Board in Singapore, I got free tickets to watch with my friends. Teehee!

Side track! The male lead for drama is Choi Jinhyuk. He acted in dramas such as “Gu Family Book” and “Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog”. When he visited Singapore for the fan meet, he was preparing to film for the new drama “Fated to Love You”. During the fan meet, he serenaded us by singing “Scent of a Flower”. Though not perfect, it was enough to melt all of us.

The female lead is non other than Song Jihyo, whom most of you are familiar with through the variety show Running Man. She’s so sporty and friendly. She sticks out her hand first to shook mine and her handshake was so firm. Her skin is practically flawless. When asked during the event, how she maintained her good skin condition, she responded that she made sure there is sufficient rest and cleaned her face thoroughly. Is it really that easy?!

Anyway ever since this event, I can be found on almost all the news outlets reporting this event, such as Stomp and New Paper. They have taken so many photos during the event and all they kept using is this particular cropped photo.

Look at the original photo below. You can totally see them cropping only the few of us out to use in their news articles. Our photos even appeared in Korea news articles. (Slaps forehead) I am going international, seriously. By the way, I blur out the faces of people I don’t know.

Enough of my grumblings. Let’s look at Choi Jinhyuk and Song Jihyo. I can’t believe I called out “oppa” to Choi Jinhyuk and told him I’m a fan in Korean. He replied with his deep husky voice “Thank you” with outstretched both hands to shake mine. O)-< Dead

When can I see them again~~~~~~~

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