My New Love: BTOB

During my earlier trip to Korea, a tragic disaster happened. A South Korean ferry, Sewol Ferry, carrying 476 people, mostly secondary school students on a school trip, sunk. Approximately 300 people died in this incident, I would say this is largely due to the incompetence of rescue team.

As a result of this disaster, the entire Korea was mourning over the death of the innocent students. A lot of KPOP events were cancelled as a result. For example, musicals and concerts. I originally bought ticket to attend the WAPOP concert featuring artists line up such as BTOB and 4MEN. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see my BTOB live performance as it was cancelled. The only way I could see them was to send the members off at the airport as they made their way to Taiwan for concert.

I managed to pass my letter to my bias Minhyuk and he said “Thank You” to me in Korean after accepting my letter. Sobs… It was enough to make my day and truly worthwhile for losing sleep the day before because their flight was too early. Before BTOB arrived, I even get to see Jay Park leaving the airport. A bonus! Teehee~

I didn’t took much photos because most of the time, I was walking beside my second bias Sungjae. I’m quite sure I appeared in a lot of fans’ photos though.

When I look back at this photo of Hyunsik, I could only think of 화보인생. It means living his life like a pictorial. Every move looks like a pose for pictorial.

And there’s Changsub and Hyunsik. They appeared solemn because they would be under fire for not respecting the victims if seen smiling in public. This is part of Korean culture, I guess.

My bias Minhyuk and Sungjae, followed by lots of photos of Minhyuk. Weeeeee~

I really like Minhyuk’s black converse shoes that I am considering getting a pair for myself. It seems like he really like this pair. He was seen wearing this on multiple occasions.

When I was in Korea, I bought BTOB’s second mini album, Thriller. Though late, it’s better than never right? And to my surprise, I got my bias photo card!!!! (Cries) Look at his arm O)-<

While I was on the topic of albums, my “Beep Beep” album was delivered to my house with their signatures. A pity there’s no photo card attached to this album. So in love with the songs in this album. Recommended!

And there were BTOB photo cards given with my purchase of Nike shoes in Shoemaker.

In case you have not heard BTOB’s new song “You’re So Fly”, do check out the video below!

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