Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant

Some time ago, when BEAST released their “Good Luck” album, I got a friend who travelled to Korea to help me carry the albums back. That’s right, I used plural form because I bought 2 albums.

The black and white version of the albums. I had to get both because the photos captured in both albums are different. Black version presents a more charismatic side of BEAST whereas white version is more refreshing.

And the photo cards I got from both albums. Black version of Dongwoon and white version of Yoseob. The photo cards are totally random. One can also get a white version of photo card in black album. But I managed to get one black and one white version. The best part… … I got the white version of Yoseob! Out of the 12 photo card designs, I love this the best and I got it. Sobs… I do have fate with my bias after all.

I met up with my friend at Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant simply because they have a dish that I really crave for. It was our first time dining at this place and I do love it.

The seafood pancake that is crunchy and tasty when dipped in the sauce provided.

The highlight of the meal: Raw beef with egg and pear. This is the dish I was craving so badly for. Before eating, mix the egg well with the raw beef and diced pear. Remember to add on the fresh pear by the side with every bite. I cannot tell you how much love I got with every bite. This is definitely a must-eat-dish.

Apart from the above, we also ordered grilled pork belly and rice. The dishes we ordered filled the 2 of us to the brim, but we managed to clear all the plates. Satisfaction!

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant
265 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574392
Tel: +65 6452 2112

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