Happy Parcel Arrived in Mail

A packaged arrived at my house some weeks back. For the first time since I started work at my new office, I rushed home from work on time.

Look at the delightful package that sat on Cathay Pacific Airways to my house. The lucky bastard sat on a full fledge carrier while I have been sitting on budget airlines to Korea for the past few trips.

This is the exact state of my items when I opened the box. All items are bubble wrapped, but things are flying out of the packaging. Fortunately other than my posters, the rest of the items are in perfect condition.

These are all merchandise sent by Cube Entertainment. As Beast’s fan club is called Beauty, their merchandise are made with the signature rose. Beauty and the Beast… Geddit? I bought two of the below umbrellas, one for myself and one for a friend as birthday present.

Look at how pretty the rose is. I’m so proud to be holding this umbrella on a rainy day. When opened up, you can see the initials of Beast in Korean hangul.

A close up below.

This umbrella is so light weighted as compared to the current one I’m using. I’m so going to ditch my current umbrella and carry this Beast umbrella out with me everyday! (Happy Twirl)

And the highlight of my purchase is this Beast 5th Anniversary Package B.

The first thing I did was to open these 2 photo books. There were a total of 6 individual members’ photo books given out at random.

And I got Junhyung and Dongwoon. I’ve only selected a few to take pictures of. Although they are not my bias but one can’t deny that all photos look awesome and the members look so good. I caught myself smiling as I look through the photo books.

And there’s a blanket that I have no idea when I’d be able to use. Probably bring it up the plane to fight the cold when I’m on my way to Korea? And the entire plane would know I’m a Beauty. Would you give me a kind and knowing smile if you see a fellow Beauty covered in this on the plane?

And the mug that may look plain here, changes colour when hot water is poured into it. This was indeed a surprise for me as I was just expecting a simple mug. Certainly a lovely twist!

The very thick “TIME” album comes with a random photo card and a thick photo book.

At this stage, I was losing heart and thought I’d have to settle for another member’s photo card other than my bias. To my surprise, my bias greeted me with his fixated gaze and look ever so charming in that sweater. SOBS

The card below reads:
Dear Beauty ♡
Beauty whom we are always grateful for!! ♡
Let’s go on together for a long time. Thank you
– Beast Yoseob –

I still do have fate with my bias. All hope is not lost!

Along with the package, I also did some shopping for BTOB merchandise. Their 5th mini album “MOVE”. The random card I got is Ilhoon. Not my bias but I’m not complaining here. Because I’ve got Yoseob photo card! (See above) (Does another happy twirl)

I got myself a mask because I like wearing mask when I’m overseas. It protects me against the cold in the winter, or even the cold air on the plane. I really do sleep better on the plane with a mask on. I didn’t know the mask would come with glittered words. This is so conspicuous that I am basically shouting “I’m a Melody!” with this on. Well, it does look pretty and non-fans probably wouldn’t know what the logo or the slogan means right?

Nevertheless, I am super happy with my buys. I am embarrassed to say this, but I am expecting a second parcel from Cube Entertainment at the moment. Until the package comes, I’ll keep mum about what I bought. Do stay tuned!

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