Christmas 2014

My friend and I decided to treat ourselves to good food on Christmas last year. This is after all a season to be jolly! With some cash on hand to spare, good food it shall be. Selfie while waiting for the restaurant to be opened. We were their first customer of the day! Heh~ Loving my hair colour in this picture. Gotten my hair dye in Korea during my trip in September last year. Colour still looks good!

When I visited my hair stylist in March this year, I was considering another hair dye to cover up my white hair. He was against it. He said it wasn’t necessary because my colour still looks good on my head. It’s not like I’ve got a whole head of white hair either. I was just being paranoid by a few strands of white hair growing under my thick hair. Oopsie! In the end I just did a hair cut and treatment. Hee!

My friend and I decided to throw in a little present exchange and I got something very useful: Diary! I was looking for a diary every year and have not gotten myself one for 2015. Those I found are either too expensive for my liking, or too much additional pages no use for me. My friend bought me a thick diary sufficient for 3 years usage. I guess I can skip my diary hunting these few years! Hooray!

We were just aimlessly walking along Orchard Road to find Magnum giving out free ice-cream outside Orchard ION mall. It’s the Marc De Champagne flavour. Yums!

A selfie shot with ice-cream to end this post.

How I love Christmas. Maybe I should plan for Christmas 2015 to be spent in a cold country with snow this year. Yes, working hard has set me thinking of escape plans again. It is not a suitable time for me to leave for any vacation trip now, so I can only plan ahead. Make this my motivation to work hard. Besides, I haven’t seen snow in my life and I haven’t been to Korea this year either. Christmas in Korea in December… … … Should I?

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