In Seoul, Every Day is a Happy Day

After EXO went to this restaurant called “School Food” in the variety “EXO Showtime”, I too tried it with some friends in Apgujeong. Surprisingly, the dishes taste good! Ever since, I’ve been to the restaurant multiple times. It’s a good venue to meet for meals since it’s at the entrance of Garosu-gil, coming from the subway station.

Speaking of EXO, have you watched their new web drama called “EXO Next Door”? There’s English subtitles to the video from their official YouTube channel. It’s funny and there’s my ever-so-adorable Kyungsoo! Here’s episode 1.

Oh, I got distracted. (Coughs) It doesn’t matter how much food I consume. I climb stairs like below everyday. Yes, this is what I tell myself daily to feel less guilty. Haha!

To think I can still see Kyuhyun’s birthday congratulatory message at subway station in April. Lucky!

Met up with my Korean friend for a simple dinner along Hongdae. We weren’t very hungry so some ddeokbokki and odeng is sufficient for us to call it a meal. Even a simple meal like this makes me feel blissful.

There’s all these cute Kakao characters outside Kakao Talk cafe!

Why is my friend so pretty~~~~~~~~ Cam whoring while waiting for the subway.

And after much anticipation, the CNBlue concert in Seoul! Didn’t get a chance to catch Minhyuk’s drum sticks at the end of the concert. Didn’t manage to catch that in Singapore concert either. Forever in the wrong zone where Minhyuk chooses to throw. Pfft~ (Yes, I attended their “Can’t Stop” concert in Singapore too!)

Ready with my light stick and wrist tag to enter the venue!

Such a pleasant surprise to know Yesung is in Mouse Rabbit when the concert ended. We made a decision to cab down to Mouse Rabbit from the concert venue. Seeing my bias after a concert, is there any better way to end the night. (Smiles)

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