Full of Anticipation: May

In a glimpse of eye, we’ve entered May! A month I’ve so looked forward to. There was Super Show 6 concert in Singapore, right on the first day of May. I thought this day would never come, so I decided to attend Super Show 6 concert in Macau. This is another story, gonna be in my next post.

To my delight, all the members were in such a good mood. To think the last time I saw the entire Super Junior in such a good mood was MAMA held in Singapore on 29 November 2011. So many years ago! I didn’t take a single photo during the concert in Singapore and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Everything is captured through my eyes, imprinted on my heart.

A mandatory selca to end the night at the moshpit with my friend. I’m glad she managed to take some good photos with my shielding from the security!

Dinner was at Bugis after much contemplation. A very satisfying meal with the gang, and some new friends I made.

Coming back to the topic of how awesome May is, 05 May is a public holiday in Korea because it is their Children’s Day! How awesome that even adults get to celebrate Children’s Day! Never lose the child in us ^-^

Children’s Day in Korea this year, also marks the last day of army duty of Yesung, my bias in Super Junior. Because it is a public holiday on 05 May, he gets to be released from service one day earlier! No longer just Kim Jongwoon, he’s finally assuming back the identity of Yesung – the voice that melts my heart. Because of his return, a plan is brewing. Hopefully there are some confirmed news and my plan would fall nicely into place.

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