Perfect Way to Complete the Trip

This is the finally the last post on my Korea trip in April. Hahahahahaha~

I was just talking to my friend the other day about how awesome this shop is. Mukshidonna (먹쉬돈나) has a lot of outlets all over Korea. The last time I looked, they were opening an outlet on Garosu-gil too.  Their ddeokbokki is cheap and delicious. The first time I brought a female friend to eat for her first time, we ate 4pax portion and paid less than SGD$20 each! What makes it so special is that you get to choose what to add to your wok! Eggs, fishcake, cheese, dumpling, different kinds of noodles… etc. In one week, I ate this twice. It is how good this place is!

On my way to Cube Cafe (located at Cube Entertainment), I walked past this directory to a building. So artistic!

The buzzer to my drink at Cube Cafe. Interestingly, they’ve recently renovated the cafe! I wonder how it looks like now. Gotta make another trip there soon! Heh~

That night was the first time I was going to watch Beast’s Yoseob and APink’s Eunji performance in a musical. I couldn’t believe my luck that I get to see this awesome cast acting in “Full House” musical.

The big billboard listing all the main cast of this musical.

I throughly enjoyed myself. The story of this musical was a light-hearted one to start with, so there were jokes throughout. Sitting at the fifth row is a bonus of course. So close to the stage (blush). Haha~

Returned to the apartment famished. My friend and I decided to order Chinese takeout. 2 Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) and 1 Sweet and Sour Pork (탕수육). We got free dumplings for our orders too! The quantity is too much for 2 of us. We ended up keeping one bowl of Jjajangmyeon for consumption the next day.

The next day was a trip to pet cafe with my friends. It seems like quite a number of artists chose to send their dogs to this particular pet cafe when they are away for a trip. Unfortunately when I was there, I didn’t meet any artists who came to pick up their pets. This adorable dog in my arms knows how to look at my camera. Teehee!

Met my friend for clubbing another day.

Before clubbing, a satisfying meal to fill our tummies. The famous Myeongdong Dumplings!

This was the day I bought this bracelet from WhyStyle, Yesung’s store. He cutely passed me my credit card and smirked. After hopping 2 clubs, the bracelet was gone. Damn… I contemplated going back to the store to buy another one but this bracelet is quite pricey. My fate with this bracelet is too short a lifespan. Sigh~

Helped my friend to buy one in brown colour.

I didn’t take my friend’s advice to go clubbing on a Saturday, and went on Sunday instead. This was such a big mistake. The crowd on Saturday and Sunday really differs. So people, if you ever considered going clubbing in Korea, please go on a Saturday! Below is the moment I realised my bracelet was gone, and my hand was only decorated with the various chops from clubs ㅠㅠ

I went my friend’s house to stay over for the night. The next day’s lunch was Ginseng Chicken at Myeongdong that my friend recommended. I still prefer the Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken I had previously though.

It was soon time for another performance of “Full House” musical! This time, the cast was Beast’s Yoseob and Joo. Joo is BTOB member Ilhoon’s sister. If you ask me, I’d say I enjoy Eunji’s performance better, compared to Joo. In terms of voice, Joo has a higher pitch and sometimes it went out of control. I think Eunji’s voice has a broader range and with the bass in her voice, it is more soothing to the ears.  In addition, Yoseob and Eunji has a better chemistry compared to Yoseob and Joo.

I bought Black Tea Latte from Paris Baguette to complete my dinner with Kimbap from convenience store. The cup sleeve is so fitting for Spring in Korea.

On my last day in Korea, I had to leave for airport at around 4pm. I decided to spend my last day in Mouse Rabbit. My friends were telling me it’s not quite possible that Yesung would come on a Sunday afternoon, and I should just give up my hope. Surprisingly, he really came. Hence I ordered so many times from him and this Mango Bingsu is the bomb. After this bingsu, I really couldn’t stuff myself any further.

What a wonderful way to end my trip. Full of love from this trip, and full of anticipation to my next.

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