Descendants of the Sun: 서래갈매기

Have you watched episode 13 of Descendants of the Sun? After Yoo Sijin and Seo Daeyoung returned to Seoul from Urk, they got 3 days leave which they decided to spend their time drinking. The place where they struggled to stay awake from 72 hours of drinking is situated in Seoul!

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I was screen capturing the scenes of this episode and went a little overboard because I simply couldn’t resist the drunk and cute Song Joongki. (Coughs) This place is fairly easy to reach, as compared to the dal.komm coffee cafes I introduced previously.

How to get to 서래갈매기

Hop on the subway to Hoegi Station and take exit 1. Come out from the exit and turn left. Walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.
Just walk straight a little and look to your right. The restaurant is right there!
How the restaurant looks on the exterior.
The place looks spacious.
You might be delighted to know this restaurant uses charcoal to grill your food. Cooking with charcoal brings out the real taste and aroma of food, in my opinion.
In case you have doubts that this is the restaurant, below is the signed poster of Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo.

서울 동대문구 휘경동 191-5
191-5 Hwigyeong-dong, Dongdaemun District, Seoul, South Korea
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 3am
Tel: +82 2-967-3450


  1. Pris Lee

    Thanks Pat for your directions! Am gonna check out Seorae when i’m in Seoul in abt 3 wks time!

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