BBQ Charcoal Grilled Eel

I am deeply missing the streets of Korea and the cold crisp air in April. A time where any day is a good day to have barbecue. The weather is always ready for some intensive grilling and it just depends on what you chooses to put on the grill in front of you.

Throwback to April some years ago, I visited the store below for barbecue eel opened by father of CNBlue’s drummer Minhyuk. Minhyuk stars as Jo Haneul in the Korean drama Entertainer. This drama is now showing on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday, 10pm (KST).

DSCF9720 DSCF9722
There are sticky notes and pens available for you to leave messages. DSCF9723 DSCF9724
Charcoal grilled food is my favourite.DSCF9725 DSCF9727
The steamed egg is good and should not be missed.DSCF9729
When I visited, it was the period where CNBlue was holding concerts over the weekend. A Japanese female lady visited the restaurant with her male friend. Minhyuk’s dad was so excited that he changed into the concert merchandise t-shirt to showcase in front of the delighted female fan. Thereafter, the fan left and Minhyuk’s dad changed back to his working clothes.

When I requested to take a photo with the father, he suggested for us to take the photo with the background below. So thoughtful of him. As my friend was counting down to take the photo, Minhyuk’s dad paused everything and turned to me, asking how his hair looked. I laughed and said he looked handsome. Satisfied, he turned to face the camera and did a V pose. Just thinking about how cute he is brings smiles to my face ^^DSCF97311

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