Lucky Romance: Nolsoop Cafe

I’ve recently caught on another Korean drama called Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스), starring Hwang Jungeum and Ryoo Joonyeol. Yes, Ryoo Joonyeol who also acted in drama Reply 1988. So glad to see him having a drama of his own as a leading actor. While I was rooting on Park Bogum in Reply 1988 despite how cute Ryoo Joonyeol was, I’m so happy to be able to gush and cheer on him whole heartedly in this drama.

In the latest episode (episode 6), Joonyeol discreetly (not) followed Jungeum to a cafe and realised she was actually meeting Gary to convince him to be part of the game they are developing.
I did some research on the cafe and it turned out to be a comics (they call it cartoon, but I think it’s more like comics) and books cafe. There are reading materials for you to read in a comfortable environment. When hungry, you can order food and drinks too. A good place to chill out with your friends and when there are awkward silences, fret not. Apart from digging into food, you can dig into the comics or books in your hands.

How to get to 놀숲

Hop on the subway to Jamsil Subway Station (잠실역) and take exit 3. According to Naver map, it takes 16min to get to this place. Come out from the exit and walk straight. Walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.
002From Naver map above, there seems to be some constructions going on. If there isn’t (completed by now) you probably can cut across from in front of Lotte Hotel World to get to this Charlotte Theatre below. Walk straight past this theatre.
003Cross the road to the other side as seen below.
Continue walking straight. There really isn’t any good landmarks along the way. Only some high rise apartments on your right. The view below is what you see on your left when you are walking straight.005
You will arrive at a cross junction. Cross the road to the opposite side and turn left.
Walk straight and these are some of the shops you see. There’s Gong Cha bubble tea shop!
Continue walking straight and you will arrive at the building below. This cafe has actually replaced the Caffe Bene you see in the picture below. Pizza Hut is still there though.
A clearer close up shot below. When you arrive at the destination, you wouldn’t miss the signboard.
From the picture below, you can identify the scene where episode 6 was filmed!
_02 _04
I really like how the seating areas are segmented. There are common seating areas you see below.  _05
There are also individual spaces for people who prefer so. _11
Even the signages are cute! This sign says when climbing up the stairs, be quiet and careful.
The sign below says it is very dangerous to lean against the railings, and that it is really very painful if you fall down.
__08_10 _09
They even have blankets to keep yourself warm and cozy.
Smoking room available if you require.
Pricing for each person is as follows:
A: 2hours + Drink at 6,500won
B: 3hours + Drink at 8,000won
C: Full Day + Drink at 15,000won (Only available on normal days, maxed at 24:00hr)
D: 1hour at 2,400won (Every 10 minutes thereafter at additional 400won)

놀숲 Nolsoop
1-3 Tae Ho building, Seokchon-dong, Songpa District, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 송파구 석촌동 1-3 태호빌딩
Operating Hours:
Sundays – Thursdays: 10am – 2am
Fridays – Saturdays: 24hours
Tel: +82 02-420-9918

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