Goblin: Grim Reaper’s Tea House

Happy New Year everyone!

I know I have been neglecting this space for a bit. I was hooked up on dramas, as usual. Unfortunately the dramas I was watching, either doesn’t motivate me to move my lazy ass to search for drama scenes, or there isn’t anything significant for me to search for. Take for example, the drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Almost the entire drama is filmed within the set. Ok, enough of my excuses.

Now, let’s move on to my recent favourite drama – Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. The name is too long. I shall call it Goblin from here onwards. If you ask me, this drama has certainly outperform Descendants of the Sun and has taken the honourable #1 position in my heart. But nobody is asking my opinion, so I shall not dwell into how awesome this drama is. Go watch it for yourself!

Since I have been hooked up on this drama, why haven’t I been searching for the filming sites? The sad truth: Majority of the filming took place outside of Seoul. That means, it is highly inaccessible via public transport and the likelihood of people visiting these sites decreases with that in consideration. With that, I shall start off with filming sites that are in Seoul – comparably more accessible via public transport.

Episode 1 when Kim Shin and Grim Reaper first met, Kim Shin passes by outside a stone wall and look beyond those walls, only visible to his eyes. His eyes met Grim Reaper who was in his tea house. Kim Shin commented that Grim Reaper’s hat is ugly and Grim Reaper was offended.

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The stone wall where Grim Reaper works, is Deoksugung Stone-wall Road (덕수궁 돌담길).

How to get to 덕수궁 돌담길

Hop on the subway to City Hall Subway Station (시청역) and take exit 1. You’ll only need 5min to get to the street, but much longer walk to the place where filming was carried out. Come out from the exit and walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.
Walk past a few shops and you will reach Dunkin Donuts. Turn left at Dunkin Donuts.
While you are walking straight, you will find yourself arriving at the Deoksugung Stone-wall Road. Isn’t that fast? That is really just a 5min walk.
But if you are looking for the exact location where filming took place. You’d have to walk much much further. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you) Basically walk straight all the way, until you arrive at the junction below and turn right. You are not there yet.
Continue walking straight until you come to this turn below. This is the exact same wall where Kim Shin saw Grim Reaper.

This place is actually worth visiting because you can see autumn foliage if you are visiting in the fall. Korea Tourism Board has also recommended this place to view the fiery colours of autumn. Especially if you are in the area to visit the Deoksugung Palace, I’d say you don’t give this site a miss.

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