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hslawwWelcome to my site! I’m Patricia, born and raised in Sunny Singapore! I travel often since my first full time job as a Cabin Crew. Though my present work doesn’t require me to fly, I still fly regularly for vacations.

My current favourite travel destination is South Korea. Loving the music and culture, fashion and entertainment, food and air. Everything appeals to me over there. Simply breathing the air makes me happy there. You get the gist.

I’m ever ready to share what I know. Do contact me at my email or leave a comment below!


  1. Stella

    Did you really when to the place where Yoo Jae Suk when to eat his hammer jjajang? As I’m currently planning to visit that place. Kindly reply me via my email given as above. I will appreciate your response given.

    Thank you
    From Singapore

    • doggi3

      Hello Stella! I didn’t physically visit the restaurants in my Jjajangmyeon post. I only stared hard at the Running Man episodes for hints on where they might be and combed through the internet painfully for confirmation and addresses. If you are considering to go, you probably will want to try a few more dishes that day to make the trip worthwhile. The place where Yoo Jaesuk held the filming is a little far from the center of Seoul, and the rest of Running Man members are not far from each other.

  2. Jm

    Hi!! Can you visit or make a blog about coffee bay?(from kdrama who are you school 2015) i love your blogs esp kdrama destination blogs ♡ stay safe unnie

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