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이젠 아니야

BEAST new MV was released by Cube Entertainment around 3 hours ago. If you haven’t heard, play the MV below NOW! The lyrics is so heart wrenching sobs… … I hope it touches you too!

The MV male lead is none other than Yong Junhyung. The female lead is an actress, Lee Yubi.

BEAST 비스트 – No More 이젠 아니야

[DJ] Why are you still
Unable to forget me like a fool
Like that
Why am I still
A good person to you
A good person
It’s already been
A few months since we broke up
Why are you still
Living in the past memories

[KK] There are lots of good people around you
It’s okay to start a new love
I sincerely hope
You will smile and be happy

[HS] I can see that you’re struggling
I can’t start a new love
Oh yeah
Again at this late time

[DW] Why did you come find me again
I’m the pathetic one who sent you away
The sad cries I hear
Beyond the door

[YS] Why did you come find me again
To me who has already become cold
I don’t have anymore heat That I can share with you

[DW] No more no more
The person whom you can lean on

[JH] Alright cry all you want
If you can wash me away with that
If you can erase the lingering feelings in your heart
I’m not someone
Who is worth being hurt over
I’m not someone who is with you
Like before
I don’t want to lie
Saying that I’m sending you off because I love you
I’ll be with you just for today
Hurry up and get up
I can extend my hand to you
But that is only until today

[KK] You know I can’t go back
You can be happy beside me
Go find someone
Who will make you smile

[HS] I can see you struggling
I can’t feel comfortable for a day
Oh yeah
Again at this late time

[DW] Why did you come find me again
I’m the pathetic one who sent you away
The sad cries I hear
Beyond the door

[YS] Why did you come find me again
To me who has already become cold
I don’t have anymore heat
That I can share with you

[KK] Can you stop now
As time goes by
I’m so scared
That you will get hurt
From my cold exterior

[HS] You just need to live on well so that I can see
I’m no longer
Someone you can lean on

[DW] Why did you come find me again
I’m the pathetic one who sent you away
The sad cries I hear
Beyond the door

[YS] Why did you come find me again
To me who has already become cold
I don’t have anymore heat
That I can share with you

[DW] No more no more
The person whom you can lean on

Lyrics Translations Credit: @B2STIZEN

While my friend and I were watching the MV, we couldn’t help noticing how pretty the shops in the MV appear. Hence I started my hunt online for the shops. Fortunately the shops are quite accessible in Seoul!

First off, the first scene that appeared in the MV is a store named 1984.

Yes, this is also the place where Junhyung and Yubi took their selca. This is not only a cafe, but also a museum, book store and editing store, featuring Art, Music, Fashion, Life.

The interior of this store looks awesome and too good to miss. (Pictures Source: In Sunho)

1F, 158-24, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 121-898
Tel: +82 2-325-1984
Opening Hrs: 12pm – 12am

Junhyung was later checking his phone outside this store called Brown Breath, located in Hongdae. A quick search online indicates that they carry their own brands, as well as outside brands such as Happy Socks, Generic Surplus, and Cheap Monday.

Brown Breath
3F, 343-19 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Opening Hrs: 10am – 7pm (Closed during lunch time: 12pm – 1pm)

This time, Junhyung stopped in front of Cafe N Then with a bunch of flowers in his hand. Out came the flashback of how Yubi used to wait for him outside this cafe. This place is nearer to Hapjeong Subway Station.

Some pictures of the cafe found on Foursquare:

Cafe N Then
Yanghwa-Ro 6-gil 21, Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 2-325-1718
Opening Hrs: 11:00am – 12:00am

Finally Junhyung and Yubi met behind the restaurant Slunch Factory. This is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant.

This is how the shop front looks like: (Photos Source)

The restaurant interior looks artsy fartsy too, like a warm and cozy cafe.

I’d say the price is quite reasonable too.
Slunch Factory
Address: 336-18 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02 6367 9870
Opening Hrs: 12pm – 12am

Sangsu Subway Station, Line 6, Exit 4.
After exiting, turn around and walk slightly uphill. Follow the sidewalk as it curves to the right (don’t turn into the small alleys before that). Walk straight, passing Yiri cafe on the left. Slunch Factory will be further down, on the right. It is around 5-7 minutes walk from the subway station.

Another place that appeared in the MV is called Roh Rang Party and Gallery, which also happens to be a flower cafe. Though they called themselves a cafe, don’t expect a coffee menu to be given to you when you enter the store. Other than selling flowers, they apparently also teach flower arrangements.
Roh Rang Party and Gallery
Tel: +82 70 7788 7555
Opening Hrs: 10am – 8pm (Closed on Sundays)
Address: 1F, 394-25 Dongyang Hangang Trevel, Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(Hapjeong Subway Station Exit 5)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, all the places are in Mapo-gu. I guess you can make a day trip to visit all the places mentioned above! I definitely want to visit all these places that appeared in the MV!!!

In the meantime, keep looping this awesome song on Youtube!

Random Day, Random Meet Up

Life is slowly going at a comfortable pace that I could get used to. I had some meet ups with people whom I haven’t seen for a long time and missed dearly. It is good to know most of them are doing well and genuinely happy.

I met up with ex-colleague Jessica for a meal a few weeks ago. Out of the Pan was having a 1 for 1 promotion for either waffles or crepes for DBS credit/debit card holders. Jessica was telling me how good it was, so I decided to give it a try.

I’m sorry my photo didn’t do it any justice. It was yums! Due to the promotion, it was like half price. If you haven’t tried it before, this is definitely the time to do so!

It’s been almost a year since I last saw Jessica and we had so much to talk about. I’m glad to know she’s still happily in love. Work may be awful, at least there’s someone to look forward to seeing after work. Sigh~ I wanna be in love too! I should widen my circle of friends! Side track… … …

Anyway, we proceeded on to coffee at Tiong Bahru Bakery. I have been introducing everyone to this place since my first visit last year.

It serves good coffee with pretty latte art. Their bread and cakes are delicious too. We ordered a Chocolate Tart that day and was surprised to find fruits (orange, apricot and fig) in the tart. Most importantly, this place is accessible by train and buses. Very convenient! The coffee and cake here turned out to be more expensive than our dinner at Out of the Pan though. ㅋㅋㅋ

Ending the post with a photo of me and Jessica.

No idea why my dimple on my right cheek looks like dirt on my face. LOL! I’m trying to do away with bangs, so fringe is forever clipped up. The length is just so awkward at the moment. It dosen’t even stay when I clipped them up because they’re too short. Grrr…

Anyway I didn’t bring my camera out that day so my Note took grainy pictures without flash. Thanks for bearing with me peeps.

Out of the Pan
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-45 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 6431 6103

Tiong Bahru Bakery
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6333 4160
Daily: 9am – 10pm

Letoile Cafe

It has been raining so often recently, almost daily. Miss A visited Singapore for a showcase a few days ago and even Suzy tweeted about the rain. She mentioned “It rains in Singapore.” in the first tweet, and ‘It is raining heavily in Singapore” in the second tweet attached with a picture.

With the heat gone, I do feel my skin complexion turning for the better. No pimples yay! At the same time, all I think about daily is to relax myself in a corner of a cafe, with a good book topped with sweet aroma of coffee. Singapore has so many new cafes popping up and I went to visit a few recently.

Letoile Cafe is indeed a delightful find. There are two levels to this cafe and ample of space. Most importantly, it is not located in a easily accessible location, so less crowd. The exterior design and structure of the cafe is a pretty and unique.

I was sitting in front of this french window overlooking the streets when it started raining. The atmosphere was so cozy and fuzzy that it gave me a vibe of being in Taiwan. There are books at the side if you’re bored and wants a good read. The sofa is so comfortable and perfect for a gossiping or chit chat session with friends over coffee.

And they have latte art! I love drawings on my coffee! Their latte art may not be the most impressive, but I’m impressed already.

If anyone is interested in the price at all, this is for you. I do find the price very reasonable given the atmosphere and taste. They serve all day breakfast too! For e.g Eggs Benedict. Awwww~ I wish I am in the cafe this very moment. This is by far my favourite cafe at the moment!

Letoile Cafe
160 Owen Rd 218953
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Tuesday – Friday), 9am – 10pm (Saturday – Sunday)

CSHH and Thieves Market

Singapore is always developing and evolving at such a high speed. There were times when I left Singapore for a 2 weeks vacation, returned surprised that I could hardly recognize some parts of Orchard Road. Old buildings scraped, making way for new buildings and businesses.

We heard Thieves Market at Sungei Road will be closing down soon. This flea market has been around since 1930s and will soon step into history. My friends and I decided to make a trip before it enter past tense phase.

Before we do that, of course we had to fill our stomachs first! It was my first time visiting Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH). If it wasn’t for my friend, I wouldn’t have known such a place existed behind the big metal doors of the building.

Banana Cake tasted not bad, quite fluffy. Of course the quality can’t be compared to those of Paris Baguette.

My almond croissant was a bit too hard for my liking. I couldn’t cut my knife through it without threatening to shake and bring down the entire table. It was impossible to share this piece of croissant with my friends. Ended up I had to pick up the whole piece and bite. I’m not sure if this is the ideal taste they wanted their customers to have.

My friend’s espresso with milk tasted alright. At least better than my daily brew.

My daily brew is by far the most awful coffee I ever had, and I think it is way too overpriced for the quality. I did a search online and it seemed that everyone is complaining it is too sour for anyone’s liking. Okay probably not everyone but there’s a handful! Or maybe I simply don’t know how to appreciate (Shrugs). On a side note, the presentation of the drink is cute!

My friend ordered a ham omelette with mushrooms and it took more than half an hour to arrive. When we enquired why the omelette was taking so long, the staff simply replied “There is a lot of customers.” Seriously?

I’ll be frank here that I don’t think the entire CSHH is so big that we needed to wait more than half an hour for an omelette. How long do you need to whip up an omelette?! In addition, where’s the sympathetic apology we should be hearing due to the long wait? The staff doesn’t even bother to help check our order and expect us to continue waiting endlessly.

Only when we approached the second staff, we got an answer as to why the long wait. The staff had mixed up our orders. There! This is the reasonable explanation! I nearly dropped tears of comfort when I heard the second staff say “sorry” to us.

So no photos taken for the omelette. My friend was too hungry and we were in no mood to take photos anymore.

Both food and drink were acceptable in terms of taste, nothing fantastic. Service was awful. I’m not sure if I wanna give it another chance.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
150 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207563
Tel : +65 6396 0609
Opening Hours: 7am – 9pm (Monday – Thursday), 9am –  10pm (Friday – Sunday)

After this not-so-fantastic brunch we had, we headed off to Thieves Market under the glaring sun.

As it is a flea market, items were spread out on the floor without price tags. Feel free to look and touch the items. If you are interested, then ask the price. You can also try price slashing with the seller if you think prices are too high.

As you can see there were all kinds of items on sales. Watches, spectacles, soft toys, shoes… etc

The old phones we used to have before all the smart phone devices appeared. So nostalgic!

The kind of phone every household used to have. Now that everyone has at least a mobile phone, my house doesn’t even own house lines anymore.

We used to own one typewriter too! Mistakes were irreversible with typewriters. There used to be “pen erasers” used to “erase” the words we typed wrongly on paper. All the erasers do was to damage the surface of the paper so that words were illegible and we typed new words over it. Awwww~ Good old memories!

This friendly uncle was selling old graduation photographs of kindergarden kids.

My friend took the opportunity to ask more questions. It seemed like none of them was aware when exactly they would be ask to leave. They pass every single day as though it is going to be the last.

Ending the post with my favorite photo of the day.

An advice to the people who intend to visit the Thieves Market, please be careful of your personal belongings.  Do make a trip before this part of Singapore enters into history too!

Tiong Bahru Bakery

I finally escaped out from home to meet up with friend today. The past few weeks was like cold turkey to curb my shopping addiction and bad habit of dining at restaurants. The moment I unleash, I’m back to leading a tai-tai life. (Facepalm)

After lunch at Sushi Express, my friend and I headed for the newly opened Tiong Bahru Bakery located at basement of Raffles City.

This cute menu greeted us at the door. Milk, foam, coffee and expresso shots all illustrated. I ordered a cup of Magic (which is coffee with milk) and a croissant.

How many cafes in Singapore actually do latte art? I don’t really come across them a lot, so I’m impressed with my cup of coffee!  The croissant is really very good, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Even though I ate at such a slow pace and the croissant was turning cold towards the end, I’m still satisfied to the very last bite of it.

There are so much bread, tart and sandwich choices to choose from at the counter. I can’t wait to visit again!