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Super Show 6 Encore

The second day started off with sundae soup at 마포소문난족발순대국, near our guesthouse. I’d lose my voice if I consume spicy food in the morning, so I ordered a non-spicy one. Surprisingly, the non-spicy sundae soup also tasted awesome! I guess we came to the right store.

20150711_1132581 20150711_1134211

This place seems famous with the pictures of broadcasting stations hanging on the wall.


The photo below isn’t blur, by the way. The steam from the pipping hot sundae soup blurs out the ingredients. The sliced meat pieces were soft and chewy. The glutinous rice steamed to perfection. I couldn’t get enough of the tasty soup.


With our bellies filled to the brim, we headed out to SM TOWN at Coex Artium.  Every level has different purpose. For example, one level is celebrity shop where we can buy all sorts of artists merchandise, another level is a theatre for audiences to enjoy holographic and live performances.

IMG_20150711_123950120150711_1315291 20150711_131625120150711_1317001

It’s funny how beside every photo/poster/banner of Siwon, there’s his signature right beside. He’s the only one who has signed against all his faces that appeared in the building. LOL~


We decided to rest our feet at the cafe. Ordered a blue lemonade that was contained in a Mamacita bottle. You can bring this bottle home with you! It’s a good souvenir for myself, I’d say. The Super Show 6 badge as seen below was given out with every encore concert ticket shown.


And this is how my tickets looked like. Both days standing in mosh pit. Who am I trying to prove that I’m still going strong at my age. The Mosh D pit on second day was beyond squeezy. I shudder at the thought of it… ….


Finally the planned highlight of my trip – Super Show 6 Encore concert. The first stage where Kim Jongwoon returns as Yesung, singing on his home ground. You can’t imagine my anticipation and excitement for this.

SM Entertainment finally decided to change the base of the lightstick so I had to get another one. The previous version was so fragile that I have never used it before. Friends who used the previous version all broke the handle part before the concert could come to an end.

When attending Super Junior concerts in Korea, and you’re only planning to purchase the lightstick and nothing else, there is a separate queue at the merchandise counter. More efficient and everyone gets to wave the right lightstick during the concert.


Day 02 of the concert was raining heavily. Luckily, the guesthouse lent out umbrellas! Even the rain couldn’t dampen my high spirit for the concert.


After concert ended, we finally sat down for the second meal of the day: Bossam (보쌈). Wrapping the pork slices in vegetables, along with kimchi is heavenly, especially after hours of enduring hunger.


During the concert, I was enjoying myself and grinning like a fool whenever I see Yesung on stage. Photos were only taken using my handphone at the end of the concert.

20150711_2140471 20150711_2140321 20150711_2140281 20150711_2140261

I’m glad I made the right decision to attend this concert. When would the next Super Show be held? I hope it isn’t going to be a long wait.

My New Love: BTOB

During my earlier trip to Korea, a tragic disaster happened. A South Korean ferry, Sewol Ferry, carrying 476 people, mostly secondary school students on a school trip, sunk. Approximately 300 people died in this incident, I would say this is largely due to the incompetence of rescue team.

As a result of this disaster, the entire Korea was mourning over the death of the innocent students. A lot of KPOP events were cancelled as a result. For example, musicals and concerts. I originally bought ticket to attend the WAPOP concert featuring artists line up such as BTOB and 4MEN. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see my BTOB live performance as it was cancelled. The only way I could see them was to send the members off at the airport as they made their way to Taiwan for concert.

I managed to pass my letter to my bias Minhyuk and he said “Thank You” to me in Korean after accepting my letter. Sobs… It was enough to make my day and truly worthwhile for losing sleep the day before because their flight was too early. Before BTOB arrived, I even get to see Jay Park leaving the airport. A bonus! Teehee~

I didn’t took much photos because most of the time, I was walking beside my second bias Sungjae. I’m quite sure I appeared in a lot of fans’ photos though.

When I look back at this photo of Hyunsik, I could only think of 화보인생. It means living his life like a pictorial. Every move looks like a pose for pictorial.

And there’s Changsub and Hyunsik. They appeared solemn because they would be under fire for not respecting the victims if seen smiling in public. This is part of Korean culture, I guess.

My bias Minhyuk and Sungjae, followed by lots of photos of Minhyuk. Weeeeee~

I really like Minhyuk’s black converse shoes that I am considering getting a pair for myself. It seems like he really like this pair. He was seen wearing this on multiple occasions.

When I was in Korea, I bought BTOB’s second mini album, Thriller. Though late, it’s better than never right? And to my surprise, I got my bias photo card!!!! (Cries) Look at his arm O)-<

While I was on the topic of albums, my “Beep Beep” album was delivered to my house with their signatures. A pity there’s no photo card attached to this album. So in love with the songs in this album. Recommended!

And there were BTOB photo cards given with my purchase of Nike shoes in Shoemaker.

In case you have not heard BTOB’s new song “You’re So Fly”, do check out the video below!

이젠 아니야

BEAST new MV was released by Cube Entertainment around 3 hours ago. If you haven’t heard, play the MV below NOW! The lyrics is so heart wrenching sobs… … I hope it touches you too!

The MV male lead is none other than Yong Junhyung. The female lead is an actress, Lee Yubi.

BEAST 비스트 – No More 이젠 아니야

[DJ] Why are you still
Unable to forget me like a fool
Like that
Why am I still
A good person to you
A good person
It’s already been
A few months since we broke up
Why are you still
Living in the past memories

[KK] There are lots of good people around you
It’s okay to start a new love
I sincerely hope
You will smile and be happy

[HS] I can see that you’re struggling
I can’t start a new love
Oh yeah
Again at this late time

[DW] Why did you come find me again
I’m the pathetic one who sent you away
The sad cries I hear
Beyond the door

[YS] Why did you come find me again
To me who has already become cold
I don’t have anymore heat That I can share with you

[DW] No more no more
The person whom you can lean on

[JH] Alright cry all you want
If you can wash me away with that
If you can erase the lingering feelings in your heart
I’m not someone
Who is worth being hurt over
I’m not someone who is with you
Like before
I don’t want to lie
Saying that I’m sending you off because I love you
I’ll be with you just for today
Hurry up and get up
I can extend my hand to you
But that is only until today

[KK] You know I can’t go back
You can be happy beside me
Go find someone
Who will make you smile

[HS] I can see you struggling
I can’t feel comfortable for a day
Oh yeah
Again at this late time

[DW] Why did you come find me again
I’m the pathetic one who sent you away
The sad cries I hear
Beyond the door

[YS] Why did you come find me again
To me who has already become cold
I don’t have anymore heat
That I can share with you

[KK] Can you stop now
As time goes by
I’m so scared
That you will get hurt
From my cold exterior

[HS] You just need to live on well so that I can see
I’m no longer
Someone you can lean on

[DW] Why did you come find me again
I’m the pathetic one who sent you away
The sad cries I hear
Beyond the door

[YS] Why did you come find me again
To me who has already become cold
I don’t have anymore heat
That I can share with you

[DW] No more no more
The person whom you can lean on

Lyrics Translations Credit: @B2STIZEN

While my friend and I were watching the MV, we couldn’t help noticing how pretty the shops in the MV appear. Hence I started my hunt online for the shops. Fortunately the shops are quite accessible in Seoul!

First off, the first scene that appeared in the MV is a store named 1984.

Yes, this is also the place where Junhyung and Yubi took their selca. This is not only a cafe, but also a museum, book store and editing store, featuring Art, Music, Fashion, Life.

The interior of this store looks awesome and too good to miss. (Pictures Source: In Sunho)

1F, 158-24, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 121-898
Tel: +82 2-325-1984
Opening Hrs: 12pm – 12am

Junhyung was later checking his phone outside this store called Brown Breath, located in Hongdae. A quick search online indicates that they carry their own brands, as well as outside brands such as Happy Socks, Generic Surplus, and Cheap Monday.

Brown Breath
3F, 343-19 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Opening Hrs: 10am – 7pm (Closed during lunch time: 12pm – 1pm)

This time, Junhyung stopped in front of Cafe N Then with a bunch of flowers in his hand. Out came the flashback of how Yubi used to wait for him outside this cafe. This place is nearer to Hapjeong Subway Station.

Some pictures of the cafe found on Foursquare:

Cafe N Then
Yanghwa-Ro 6-gil 21, Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 2-325-1718
Opening Hrs: 11:00am – 12:00am

Finally Junhyung and Yubi met behind the restaurant Slunch Factory. This is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant.

This is how the shop front looks like: (Photos Source)

The restaurant interior looks artsy fartsy too, like a warm and cozy cafe.

I’d say the price is quite reasonable too.
Slunch Factory
Address: 336-18 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02 6367 9870
Opening Hrs: 12pm – 12am

Sangsu Subway Station, Line 6, Exit 4.
After exiting, turn around and walk slightly uphill. Follow the sidewalk as it curves to the right (don’t turn into the small alleys before that). Walk straight, passing Yiri cafe on the left. Slunch Factory will be further down, on the right. It is around 5-7 minutes walk from the subway station.

Another place that appeared in the MV is called Roh Rang Party and Gallery, which also happens to be a flower cafe. Though they called themselves a cafe, don’t expect a coffee menu to be given to you when you enter the store. Other than selling flowers, they apparently also teach flower arrangements.
Roh Rang Party and Gallery
Tel: +82 70 7788 7555
Opening Hrs: 10am – 8pm (Closed on Sundays)
Address: 1F, 394-25 Dongyang Hangang Trevel, Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
(Hapjeong Subway Station Exit 5)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, all the places are in Mapo-gu. I guess you can make a day trip to visit all the places mentioned above! I definitely want to visit all these places that appeared in the MV!!!

In the meantime, keep looping this awesome song on Youtube!

Singapore eAwards 2014

Thanks to Rock Records, I got free tickets to watch Singapore eAwards 2014 earlier this month. The awards ceremony was held in Sentosa and it’s been a long time since I last visited. It was a star dazzling night. I went to support Henry from Super Junior M but I get to see the live performances of other artists as well!

Presenting to you Jia Jia and Alien Huang from Taiwan, who bagged many awards.

And be prepared for the spam on Super Junior M – Henry. He’s the biggest winner of the night, of course. Heh! Finally we’ve got a chance to hear him sing Trap and 1-4-3 live!

The derp face is just so cute!

Look at how happy he was with the trophies!

I am missing Super Junior already… … …

Bigger Heart

With my love in Taiwan music, I happen to know a lot of friends from Taiwan over the years. Some of them we have gotten so close that they know me better than Singaporean friends. I would even stay over at their houses whenever I visit Taiwan for vacation. At the same time, I also get to know fellow Singaporeans who share the same love for Taiwan music as me. My love for Taiwan music has widen my circle of friends somehow and I totally enjoyed company of these friends.

As I get to know more about KPop Culture and develop my love for Super Junior, it seems that an invisible wall is gradually growing between me and my friends from Taiwan.  My Taiwan friends would share their hatred for Koreans generously on Facebook and most of the time I chose to ignore. After all, we can’t see eye to eye for every single matter. Being friends means having to embrace our differences too.

I’ll give an example of activities that can antagonize my friends. They got angry when they heard Donghae from Super Junior opened up a cafe called “The Grand Palace” in Taipei. My Taiwan friends wished the government would stop allowing Koreans to open stores and shops in Taiwan because they ended up employing fellow Koreans as employees and it didn’t help improve Taiwan local labour market employment rate. I do feel it is true in the sense that it doesn’t help improve the labour market rate. However, it boosts the economy because Koreans bring money into Taiwan for investment. They need to see that this helps in the economy flow of Taiwan on the overall.

The spark off point came when this event happened and the Taiwanese became more united then ever hating Koreans. In short, the Korean referee disqualified the Taiwanese sportsman for cheating in the Olympics game when she was already on a winning strike. In all the games be it Taekwondo or Soccer,  it relies highly on the referee discretion at the point in time. Even though we have cameras filming and displays of slow motion video of the chain of events, the referees do not have the luxury of pausing the game and replay the videos before making any decisions such as disqualification or sending the sportsmen off the field. In most of the games, we rely heavily on the referees being impartial and having an eye for detail. If later found out that there was wrong being done to the sportsmen, we can only shrug our shoulders and say “too bad”. There is no way of turning back time, or even asking for a re-match. The only way to move forward, is to wait for the next game in a few years.

I understand how angry my Taiwan friends were and they felt wronged. At the same time, I wonder if it is really necessary to carry out extreme measures of hating the entire nation and their culture for a man’s (the referee) fault? Isn’t it a little too far to be throwing eggs at  the Korean Elementary School in Taipei? Did the children do anything to deserve this behavior towards them? Do you need to boycott the entire range of Korea products and food just because of one person?

To add on to how ridicule the event has snowballed even months after the Olympics, my Singaporean friend tweeted this late last night.

I get it when my Taiwanese friends are too blinded by their own surging emotions of hatred to look at the facts, but why can’t a Singaporean residing in the sunny land of Singapore see through all this and instead blindly join in the hating?

If you feel so strongly for the Koreans, reading this article, do you also feel so strongly for Mark Clattenburg and also extend the hatred to the entire United Kingdom? Reading this, do you hate Tim Donaghy and extend the hatred to United States and the entire US population?

If you are, I can only advice you to put down the hatred. Else you might be left with not much choices on Earth for vacation plans, and not much brands you can buy for clothing and apparels. If you are not so angry at the people I mentioned, then perhaps you are just being racist to a particular country.

Which one are you?

I only hope for myself and the people around me to have a bigger heart.

SMTown Singapore

After months and months of anticipation, SMTown is finally coming to Singapore on 23 November 2012. The third world tour and it is finally our turn. Y.E.A.H!

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to go through queuing at SISTIC counters or non-stop refreshing SISTIC website to get tickets online. I got my moshpit B ticket without sweat. Teehee~

It was so hard deciding which moshpit we wanted to be in. Seated tickets were not within our considerations because they were so far from the main stage. The concert venue is where Singapore holds its national day parade and this concert itself is selling 18,000 tickets in total. Go figure how big the venue is. It’s a must to be in the moshpit! It didn’t help when the concert organiser kept changing their seating plans, and added new seating to the very last minute.

Anyway all ends well. I’ve got the ticket I want. Now we’re just waiting for D-Day to arrive!

On a side note, I’m helping a korean friend change her moshpit A ticket to moshpit B. If there is anyone willing to trade, please drop me a note or email. Thanks!

BigBang Alive in Singapore

What happens after editing close to 100 photos for a concert? You dream of them.

I dreamt of BigBang’s concert and how difficult it was to get hold of their tickets. I was rushing out of my house earlier on and I now can’t remember much of the dream. Damn!

I only recall it was raining very heavily in my dream. Thankfully I was already owner of tickets in my dream. Yet I see people vying for the tickets desperately. I even see people gliding on the floor, in the rain, because of a ticket. Don’t ask me why he did that. I have seriously no idea! The dream took place in a neighborhood I have no recollection of visiting in reality. Yet this neighborhood keeps appearing in my dreams lately. >”<

To see and hear rain falling symbolizes forgiveness and grace. Falling rain is also a metaphor for tears, crying and sadness. If you get wet from the rain, then it indicates cleaning from your troubles and problems.

To dream that you are in a competition represents your need to grow and expand. Learn the value of endurance and perseverance. You also need to be more assertive. Alternatively, the dream may reflect your anxiety about some real life competition that you are involved in.

To dream that you are in an unknown neighborhood signifies aspects of your subconscious. The dream may also parallel a waking situation which is new or unfamiliar to you. You are venturing into a brand new territory and it is making you slightly anxious and uneasy.

The last dream interpretation is freaking true! I am weighing my options on my future and throwing in all possible outcomes. Perhaps I’ll share more when I have a decision made.

Speaking of BigBang, I went for their Alive concert on 29 September 2012 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. My first time watching BigBang live performance was during the F1 concert in year 2011. This Alive is a full concert and should not be missed!

I must warn you though, there is a whole load of photos coming up. On a side note, please do not edit or remove logo from my photos. Thanks!

The concert started and we were screaming like hell in there. Originally I was slightly worried about TOP and Seungri’s mood because the former hurt his hand, and the latter just got involved in a scandal prior to the concert. It turned out my worries were uncalled for!

It was so hard trying to take a good photo of GD because he was dancing non-stop! Using a normal digital camera and having to zoom in from far, I wanted to give myself a pat on the back for this good quality photo. XD

Like what’s a BigBang concert without Taeyang stripping and showing off his masculine body right? My friend who attended concerts for both 28th and 29th September, mentioned Taeyang stripped more times during the 29th day. I must say our screaming worked. ㅋㅋㅋ

Daesung’s solo where he appeared with large wings and “flying” across the stadium. His vocal is so stable and strong, and his smile is bright like sunshine.

Compared to GD, Top is so much easier to capture on camera. He stood around a lot and observed the crowd with his hawk-liked-eyes. As the concert progress, I noticed he started to let himself loose gradually. Let the photos do the words.

There! Another segment already and Taeyang appeared with clothes originally. The lines on that back looking good. Heh~

I really like Seungri a lot. Though he’s the maknae of the group, he looks so wise for his age. So many times I looked at him and wonder what’s running in his head.

Everyone please give him a break from the scandal. I am glad his scandal is with a female! It only implies his sexual interest is normal. This is much better than having a scandal with a male right? Not that I think anything is wrong with it. Don’t get me wrong. Knowing he likes female only give me and other fangirls more room to fantasize about ourselves. (Giggles)

I’m not trying to be rude, but most of the times Daesung appeared on my camera without eyes opened. I find his small eyes cute though! I like people with single eyelids. Think Yesung from Super Junior, Dujun from Beast! And of course Seungri from BigBang!

Gummy smile Seungri capturing Daesung on Samsung S3 phone.

Someone threw a mask onto the stage and GD picked it up. Yups that’s GD alright. I was surprised he even rapped through the mask. LOL~

Fan event for BigBang and Seungri was so sweet to pick it up. Yes, thank you BigBang for the awesome night. I have no idea what GD was doing back there! Towards the end of the concert they were exhausted and were lying everywhere on the stage!

Here is Daesung’s failed attempt to cool the fans using his drinking water. It only make fangirls more excited!

TOP just got up from lying on the floor so his hood was up. Cute!

TOP suddenly picked up this red horn hairband and was struggling to put it on with his “crippled” right hand. Another member came over and helped him with it and he was so happy. Cute MAX!

The concert ended with a blast and me with sore throat from all the screaming. I was having regrets that I didn’t get the ticket for day 1 as well. Well, I guess regrets only contribute to future opportunities! BigBang please come Singapore again!!!


I dreamt of Yesung on Tuesday night!
But I couldn’t remember any details there after
I even woke up in the middle of the night and tried to recall the dream
Satisfied with myself on the result, then drift back into sleep
I knew I was even smiling to myself (Facepalm

My dream on wednesday night wasn’t too well
To dream that you are late signifies your fear of change and your ambivalence about seizing an opportunity. 
You may feel unready, unworthy, or unsupported in your current circumstances. 
Additionally, you may be overwhelmed or conflicted with decisions about your future. 
Time is running out and you no longer have time to accomplish all the things you want. 
It must be because of my job
I have been working non stop since 12 years ago
A break may mean well for me, but I get equally uneasy without income
And my birthday at the same time, is like a time bomb, telling me my 30 is near
I couldn’t stop thinking about it!!!!
I don’t want to grow older ㅠㅠ

On a lighter note,  I dreamt of myself attending a concert last night
Super Junior was next up on stage
Somehow, Yesung was walking right past me to get to the stage
I murmured 화이팅 under my breath but I guess he didn’t catch it
Everything was in slow motion then, him walking past me, and me thinking what to do

The result of confirmed SM Town in Singapore at Marina Bay Floating Platform
It is true, they are coming on 23 November 2012!
I’m so determined to get mosh pit tickets
Only 5000 tickets available out of 18,000 tickets

I wanna SEE with BUZZ KOREA!

I have visited Korea twice
It sounds a lot doesn’t it
But I could tell you this is far from it

There is simply so much more to see and to feel!

Every time I went Korea, I packed my itinerary filled to the brim
Going up to 3 or 4 sightseeing locations in one day
Everyday wishing time would pass slower so I wouldn’t end my trip so soon
I wish I could have more time to explore Korea

Like I managed to go to S.M Entertainment building during my last trip

Look how pretty the building is!
I even get to meet stars like SNSD (SooYoung Yoona Sunny Jessica Hyoyeon Taeyeon…etc)
And also DBSK (Yunho)

I want to visit the newly opened Cube Studio in Chungdamdong, Seoul too
There are so much raves about this studio

Even this building looks so pretty too!
It is like literally glowing~
I did some research and found out that the first floor is a cafe
Second floor is where the artists’ practice rooms are

Imagine drinking a hot cafe americano in the cafe
Sunshine glowing through the windows on a afternoon
Then Yoon Doojoon from Beast just sashays down from the second floor and walks right up to you

Well maybe not this way
But you got the gist
I will hyperventilate on the spot!

During my last trip, my friend and I were on a quest to find a drama film set
The house in which drama Personal Taste 개인의 취향 features Sang Go Jae 상고재
It is the traditional Korean housing that Lee Minho stays in the drama

To be honest, we had such a hard time locating this house
At one point in time, we were so lost that we simply sat on the floor dejected, trying to read maps
Thankfully kind souls from Mobile Tourist Information Service approached us and showed us the light
I feel so warm whenever I see duo dressed in red jackets with signs on them that says “English” or “Chinese”
They are guides located all around tourists spots in Seoul to help damsels in distress like us
Okay, they help guys too
And guides who speak Japanese are also available

So proud of myself for finding this!

Since we are talking about Korean dramas
One we cannot miss must be Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자!
I even found the porridge shop Jandi works part time in the drama

Their porridge is truly delicious~
Such a big portion and I could finish everything by myself!
Please give me another serving~~~ ㅠㅠ

I haven’t had a chance to visit The Shinhwa High School in the drama yet
I’m not sure if anyone remembers the scene where Oh Minji spills ice-cream on Gu JunPyo’s shoes
 The English Village in Yangpyeong is exactly where that happened!

Look how magnificent the place looks
I want to visit this place tooooooo~

And I must share something very stupid of me during my past trip to Korea
I visited N Seoul Tower that offers great panoramic views of Seoul
I even planned my time in visiting
So that I could see the spectacular night view of the city

At the sky terrace, couples can affix their love padlocks to the fence
Throw away the key and it symbolizes everlasting love
Isn’t that so sweet~

But I was all the way up in the tower
Even sent a postcard to myself from the tower
Yet I forgot to go to this place for Locks of Love!!!!! (Wails
How can I get so absent minded, I do not know
Please people, if you ever get a chance to go, please do not forget this place
I MUST go again ㅠㅠ

Ah… So many places I’ve yet to visit and experience for myself
I seriously do wish to win the contest so I could immerse in the Korea culture again

Pick Me Pick Me Please~~~~

Sukira Kiss the Radio Update

I haven’t heard Sukira live for such a long time
The last time I did, I was still standing outside the open studio in person

Come to think of it
I always happen to be in Seoul on important days
And there is always something special going on

The first time I was there
There were rumours of Leeteuk and Eunhyuk leaving KTR
That was the day where RyeoMin DJ were guests for EunTeuk DJs
I could hardly hear what was going in the studio
It was total chaos outside
I brought back so much bruises and scratches by the end of the day
The power of ELF!

The second time I was there
It was Wookie’s birthday and fans were squeezy washy outside the studio too
On a side note, Ryeowook doesn’t seem like he was in a fantastic mood that day
He mentioned he just had facial that day, so he was on mask most of the time

Anyway all these memories are good memories still!
Sukira just uploaded a new batch of photos of Wookie boy yesterday

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