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Birthday 2013

I finally got a new hard disk to back up all my existing photos, thus clearing up RAM for photo editing on my Mac. Yay! I managed to get us cheap Universal Studio tickets for my birthday at $48 each! A pity that we bought it for my birthday and Heechul from Super Junior was in USS the day before. I guess it’s fate that we miss each other?

Anyway a day before my birthday, we were having buffet dinner at Sentosa Mövenpick Hotel. Gunhee (Heechul’s hairstylist) was walking by and smiled at me. I was having a mouthful of food and stunned myself short when he did that. My unglam self argh!

Fast forwarding to my birhday, weather was good on my birthday and I get to eat my churros! Yahoooooo!

We were in time to see Sesame Street and took photo with Cookie Monster! C is for Cookie and Cookie is for me~~~~ (Sings)

And then there’s Puss in Boots and Fairy Godmother!

Fairy Godmother, can you grant me a boyfriend next year?

My company for the day!

Human and Cyclone rides were down for maintenance unfortunately. We left USS quite early and headed over to Le’toile Cafe to chill for the rest of the day. The girls were so sweet to take in song requests and sang for me. We had a good time.

Thank you for spending the day with me girls ♥

Letoile Cafe

It has been raining so often recently, almost daily. Miss A visited Singapore for a showcase a few days ago and even Suzy tweeted about the rain. She mentioned “It rains in Singapore.” in the first tweet, and ‘It is raining heavily in Singapore” in the second tweet attached with a picture.

With the heat gone, I do feel my skin complexion turning for the better. No pimples yay! At the same time, all I think about daily is to relax myself in a corner of a cafe, with a good book topped with sweet aroma of coffee. Singapore has so many new cafes popping up and I went to visit a few recently.

Letoile Cafe is indeed a delightful find. There are two levels to this cafe and ample of space. Most importantly, it is not located in a easily accessible location, so less crowd. The exterior design and structure of the cafe is a pretty and unique.

I was sitting in front of this french window overlooking the streets when it started raining. The atmosphere was so cozy and fuzzy that it gave me a vibe of being in Taiwan. There are books at the side if you’re bored and wants a good read. The sofa is so comfortable and perfect for a gossiping or chit chat session with friends over coffee.

And they have latte art! I love drawings on my coffee! Their latte art may not be the most impressive, but I’m impressed already.

If anyone is interested in the price at all, this is for you. I do find the price very reasonable given the atmosphere and taste. They serve all day breakfast too! For e.g Eggs Benedict. Awwww~ I wish I am in the cafe this very moment. This is by far my favourite cafe at the moment!

Letoile Cafe
160 Owen Rd 218953
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Tuesday – Friday), 9am – 10pm (Saturday – Sunday)