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July is Seoul Wonderful

As I was sharing on my last post, I made an unplanned trip to Seoul last month. It was a short trip as compared to my previous trips, where I usually spend at least 10 days per trip. For this trip, I want the strain on my wallet to be at it’s minimum because there are other plans this year (for sharing another time ^^).

My second time travelling on Asiana Airlines and still as satisfied with their service. Luggage weight capacity is slightly lesser compared to Singapore Airlines of 30kg, but 20kg is sufficient for me this time. The Singapore Changi Airport ground staff did share with us over the counter that we could actually carry up to 23kg, without charge. According to the website, it says 20kg though. I guess 23kg probably applies to aircraft on a light load. Prepare your heart and wallet to pay if you’re checking in your >20kg luggage on a heavy load.

I arrived in the airport at 6am and had to wait for the EG SIM Card counter to open. My friend and I ordered and paid for the SIM card prior to our trip. Our precious hour passed and the counter finally opened. To our dismay, there was system error and we couldn’t collect our SIM card. Eventually, we turned to GS25 to purchase a SIM card from the same company and it worked. My take back from this incident – don’t bother ordering and paying online in the future. I only got the refunded money credited back to me after my entire trip. Money refund process is painfully slow. There isn’t any apology delivered to us, whether in person over the counter or via email. Pfft!

My simple OOTD at the Incheon Internation Airport. Airport fashion has to be comfortable in my opinion. Didn’t get much of a wink on the aircraft though. I thought I’m the type who can fall asleep easily on planes, especially since there is reduced oxygen at 35,000 feet above sea level. This trip proved me so wrong.


My friends and I made our way to the Chocolate Tree Hostel at Sinchon and checked in. We briefly washed up and left for Ewha University Subway Station to fill our stomachs. Settled for a non-Korean breakfast at 에그엔드스푼레이스 (Egg and Spoon Race). Their portions are big. Ordered 2 dishes for 3 girls to share and we still couldn’t finish all these.

20150710_1052061 20150710_1047201

While eating, we got to embrace the lovely Korea culture of readily available electricity points to charge our mobile phones. Yes, we get to charge our mobile phones almost everywhere in Korea, without having to ask the staff. If you ever forgot to bring our your own charger, don’t panic. Keep your eyes wide open and watch out for mobile charging carts on the go that helps you charge your devices at a cost. In Singapore, you see carts selling ice-cream on the go. In Seoul, you see carts selling electricity on the go. If I ever go out of job, this is probably what I’m going to start doing for a living.

While my friends were prettying themselves up with hair dye and perm, I did a quick wash and style at the same Cecica Hair salon. I used to be a regular customer of Juno Hair for their dye and hair cut services. Throughout the years, they have turned so expensive that I decided to turn to my own hairstylist in Singapore instead. On the overall for Cecica Hair, services are satisfactory. Comparing prices, I’m glad I decided to get my own hair cut, dye and perm in Singapore before my trip. You get the gist ^^

I was done in no time and dozing off at the hair salon, waiting for my friends. It’s too embarrassing falling asleep in the hair salon, so I left and thought I am better off falling asleep at Hollys Coffee instead. Don’t ask me why I got the idea. I found myself in the same comfortable sofa seat, at the same Hollys Coffee when I visited a few years back. In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t fall asleep there either. I guess my pride won over the sleep monster. Or maybe it’s just the coffee taking effect and I stole the credit for my pride.


My friends finally completed their hair services and we took a whole lotsa selca along the way back to Sinchon Subway Station. Where are the pictures, I hear you ask? I don’t have any of them with me! Wailing… … …

Now that I’m looking past on my trail, my Day 01 is really full and packed. Gonna be back for more of Day 01 soon!

Failed OOTDs

On rare occasions some months ago, I thought I didn’t look too bad for OOTD shoots. Well, I was wrong.

I wanted to show off my newly bought caps. If you notice, there’s another one lying on the floor. Well, the one I was wearing is an inspired cap bought on Qoo10 (formerly known as GMarket). Since it is inspired, of course it was cheap and too good to be missed!

Who am I trying to kid here. I rarely wear caps out. I bought the one I was wearing because Super Junior member Eunhyuk and BigBang member GDragon had the exact same one, originals of course. The same design but such drastic difference when I wear it. (Facepalm)

I totally love this H&M skirt I bought and my friend Sasa has the exact same piece too! I’m glad we never wore it on the same day out though. I’m the kind who will turn and walk in a different direction when I see people wearing the same outfit as me. It’s hard not to wardrobe clash in Singapore though. We are such a tiny weeny country with such a high population density. Anyway this skirt is still loves!

I really dislike my flat nose and wish I have the money to do something to it in Korea. Anyway after my failed OOTD shots, I probably will stay away from them for a while. So treasure this post! HA!

First Attempt at OOTD

I was going to ex-colleague Amanda’s house for mahjong today
It’s the first time her new apartment is open to us for viewing
Though it’s not really a house warming event but we gonna get gifts for her anyway

I mixed up timing and got ready an hour before the time I was supposed to go out
Since I’ve got makeup all ready, thought I’d attempt to do an OOTD

Ignore the mess on the floor please!
My shorts has a big ribbon in the front and it is not viewable in the picture at all
Thought probably my Galaxy Note camera wasn’t good enough so I ditched it for digital camera

I fail big time XD
It was raining and my room lighting simply wasn’t bright enough
Or maybe my camera is no good at all

On a side note, my Galaxy Note camera is not bad afterall!
It’s quality is quite comparable to my digital camera isn’t it?

If anyone is even interested at all… …

Blue Blazer: H&M at $29.90
Black Camisole: F21 at $4.50
Black Shorts with Ribbon: H&M at $39.90

If I am in the mood again, probably I’ll do another OOTD soon!